October 7, 2009


My encounter with an anonymous stalker
Over the lounge of the writers
Needless to say I was verbally abused there
Seeing myself like a bad member
Then somebody made a post at the lounger
Exacting the details of her own encounter
Read carefully between her lines I felt better.

You, anonymous stalker must really be a MONSTER!!!
You better rot in hell!!!!


  1. good one!!

    do not be scared of the weirdo!We are all in it together!

  2. Hi PS:

    thank you very much for your comment...


  3. Hello Shraddha!

    thank you really, you enlightened my mind...

    am afraid his next victim will be weaker than I am...

    thank you really!

  4. heyy..ya it's a MONSTER..bt dear don't b afraid, don't b foolish to stop jus coz of dese stupid cowards..
    even i'd experienced once..as said,we all r together..so chill..
    nd ya nice acrostic..shows ur creativity..Keep going..!!!


  5. thank you Mads...

    i really found a friend in you...

    sure i will keep my membership here active from now on...

    nice day to you!


  6. if a monster chasing you, turn round and growl :D
    seeing your strength in words, it might run away Amity! :)

  7. am sure he will...he should know who is the real Amity... he he he!


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