October 7, 2009

Loathsome Stalker

You almost ruined my life
In posting your anonymous comments
I despised.

You made me cry
How could you tell
Such a lie?

You should rot in hell
God forbids He
Only can tell.

But thanks for Shraddha
For she enlightened me
Like an enigma.

Come your next victim
You might not be able
to convince him.

Because if he has the will
He will never forgive you
Without a deal.

Pity you loathsome stalker
As you start eyeing a new
Victim at the lounger.

Now be grateful to me
For I surrendered
Everything to Him.


  1. wonderful poem..shows ur pain..bt dear dare to stop coz of some ediots..i can understand ur anger nd agony, bt why to stop coz of dem..
    Shradha rlly deserves a bunch of thanks fr the support provided..!!!


  2. Mads:

    thanks for encouraging me to never stop...

    of course,, i will not coz i really enjoy my stay the lounge...

    visit me in my place at http://intelclub.blogspot.com/

  3. The stalker is gonna regret ever messing up wd u !!!! dnt give him so much importance .. write on happy things gal :)

  4. i announce

    Amity , PS and Shraddha to be the lounge cyber angels!

    If any new person goes through this, Administration should tell us and we will write up a blog about it and also let the new person know he/she is not alone.

  5. Dear PS:

    thanks to you, of course i will never brood on it...my succeeding posts will return to normal, happy as can be...

  6. Shraddha:

    ha ha ha, cheers to us, the cyber angels...

    of course, but my request from admin to moderate comments has been i guess, to be acted upon, to save us from further harassments...

    i wanna be your friend Shraddha...:)

  7. oh you three angels are welcomed here always..

    two international angels and a brilliant national one(currently! who knows when she becomes international too! :D)

    oh your request has been acted upon indeed Amity, moderation is enabled.. admins wont let the spam in to lounge easily...! :)

  8. hey Leo,

    ha ha ha...two international and one brilliant national? where do i belong here?

    i wanna know where...and sure am grateful for acting immediately on my request...

    good day...:)


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