October 6, 2009

55 Fiction

He came out from his coaching class. It was raining heavily. He was worried and anxiously looking for convience to go home safely. Suddenly a car stopped driving by a gorgeous girl. He requested for Lift. She agreed. On a specific place he stopped the car and said " Thank You so much , Buhbyee Aunty "

P.S.: It's my first attempt on 55 Fiction...how is it??


  1. :D :D Bubbyeee Aunty is the highlight :) loved it

  2. Short n sweet...

    The end was really unexpected... Bhbyee Aunty..??!! :P

  3. @ Saraswathan

    I m not able to understood wt u said...Sorry :(
    btw Thanks for commenting :)

  4. @ for u from me

    thank u...i will write 55 Fiction again :)

  5. @ Prats

    yeah i will keep trying...Thanks for comments :)

  6. hehe...buhbye aunty lol...

    and i would love to thank you to post 55friction i wanted to read one since a long time but there were no new posts on it... so thanks a lot :D

  7. He requested for Lift.
    That means he was not driving.
    On a specific place he stopped the car .
    That sounds like he was driving..i knw u meant he asked the girl to stop the car.

    spell check please

    so last line meant that the gorgeous girl was an aunty?

    somehow didnt get the context :)

  8. @ Pooja..

    really?? btw Thanks to u too dear for ur chweet comment :)

  9. @ h

    Thanks for ur genuine comments :)
    i'll try my best to write something better..

  10. how can gorgeous girl be auntie in the end? :)


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