October 8, 2009

Midnight Writer

When the clock
Strikes twelve
And everybody
Has retired to bed
She will get up
Get a paper and pen
And start to scribble
Beautiful lines that
Will last forever.

Comes the break of dawn
She will take the machine she owns
And start to tap its keyboard
To give life to the beautiful lines
She has formed
So that others can read her masterpiece
And followers she can't afford  to miss. 

That’s the life of a midnight writer
Come hell or high waters
She will breathe life to
Her thoughts one way or the other
For that will really give her
Fulfillment as a writer
Even when a stalker
Is eyeing at her.

P.S. You stalker can never dampen my spirit coz I love what I am doing!


  1. heyy..nice one..rrly gudd..dats so much true na..
    nice to read so much from u..:)


  2. hello Madhu:

    really thankful for appreciating my effort...hmmm...that would really encourage me to be more active here at the lounge...

    nice day dear..:)

  3. Amity..keep on writing babe...

    i am on break at TSLP...but i am lounging at writer's lounge...there was just too much pressure to maintain that site...i will be starting there on dec 1....thanks for stopping by anyways..

  4. well potrayed amity me.....
    loved it.....

  5. Perfect!!!! I am a midnight writer too :) I was seeing me in your lines :) Loved it :)

  6. Perfect!!!! I am a midnight writer too :) I was seeing me in your lines :) Loved it :)

  7. good one!! don't ever let anything dampen ur spirit!! :)

  8. Dear Shraddha,

    yah you're always welcome and thanks so much, too!

  9. Meow;

    thanks and i found a friend in you coz we are on the same boat!


  10. Hey Pooja,

    thank you so much...:)

    more to come...

  11. Leo,

    yes, promise, nothing will dampen my spirit...



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