October 7, 2009

Like her

"I like the names you call me with ... really sweet and innovative"
"My pleasure sugar pie... I can't call you by your name"
"Any particular reason?"
"Hmmm... just that you share your name initials with her"
"you are so much like her that i at times want to call her name rather than yours.. "


  1. good one!!

    I love your name initials.
    If he/she can not call you by your real name and are confusing you with someone else....then may be they need sometime off to clear their head..

  2. I guess so .... just remembered this conversation with a friend loong back .. thot to share it here ... :)

  3. Interesting !
    Hard truths when someone is still stuck with past and u cant do nething...Sigh!

  4. hi PS:

    what's really meant by your name PS if worded out? can you share?


  5. @Amity : PS is my name initials .. Pratibha Sofat ... thats my real name !! though most ppl call me "pretty" .. that was my first blog name :)

  6. hi pretty wanna be frands :P :P

    nice write btw

  7. fantabulous prats..... loved it to d core..... very emotional....

  8. PS is new name for our dear Pratibha didi :) :)

    legend in lounge and teacher of poetry!! :) :)

    and very nice 55fiction too here!

  9. Pain of someone by someone old..Punishment for someone no matter how much he's bold..For past should be past no one understands..It should be left outta your hands just like sand..

    I think many people face this kind of situation..A brilliant piece of work here to display the same..Good going..:-)..


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