October 8, 2009

You smile makes magic

Yearning for a helping hand i was,
Obnoxious I was with the surroundings,
Upkeeping my spirits high,
Really your smile makes magic.

Sabotaging the sadness around you,
Minute smile of yours,
Instilled happiness in me,
Lilliputian may be to others,
Elegantly your smile makes magic.

Many a people i've met,
Astute I am with my words,
Kindling smile i've never seen,
Especially the big one,
Seriously your smile makes magic.

Mesmerizing many by ur speciality,
Although many dont feel ur beauty,
Gentle curving of ur lips,
Igniting the good feel in all,
Collectively your smile makes magic.....

The post dedicated to my special friend who always sends me a smilie nd has a very beautiful smile.......


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