October 7, 2009

Yesterday's tear,Tommorow's fear

Waking up at Noontide,
I  think  of life  as  a  roller coaster ride.
Up and down,it goes  round ,
Round and Round without any bound.

Up it  goes,
Life's good times it shows,
When friends were not foes,
Melancholous tears apart.

I   lay  awake,eyes wide   open,
 Still chasing  those desirious  dreams.
Reminiscing,I  look    at   the  stunning   sun,
with  rays of   hopes it  evokes.

I  recall  those  days   of rain,
thinking of    which  gives  me   pain.
Joy,my enemy.
Sorrow,my best friend.                            
Yesterday's mess ,
is  today's stress.
 bad  I feel,
sad i am

hoping against hopes,
to change tears to smile.
is what i wish,
today and tommorow


  1. Hi Stephen,

    I already read this post in your place, and is it okay to also post here my other posts in my site, like you've done now?

    just to be active, you know!

    hope to hear from you, if not here then in my site...:)

  2. Life is Beautiful...
    Disappointments are what you see...

    Smiles :)

  3. heyy..tryin gud hand on poetry..coz fr the frst tyme hav seen u writin poem, had known ur fiction-wrk only..
    neways..nice it was..hope, u keep going..!!!


  4. cheer up my friend...

    life will not bring happiness to you
    Until you open your eyes..
    you can see success...
    in a series of tries!

    my daddy( he died this feb) used to say...as per Vivekananda...

    "you are, who you think you are"..

    if you think you are depressed and nothing works..
    nothing will..
    if you think ok so i was depressed a little but i am better now and will never give up..
    nature will turn things for you...

    i am not kidding..
    this really works..

  5. this poem is proof that the solitary writer is terrific at being the solitary poet too :D hehee!!

    cheer up steph... i'll break the dark spell of depression too.. :D


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