October 15, 2009

Let Happiness Prevail

I am here at the lounge after a long time... many of you don't even know what I write and how I write or who I am. First of all, I want to say a few things about a few newbies here! :) Dear Amity Me, you write so well... each word of yours seem to leave an impression on my mind. You are a talented mother! Welcome to the lounge.
Shraddha, Hello to you! What can I say about your style of writing... you have got depth in your words... the way you express through your writes is commendable. Welcome to the lounge. :)

Meow... what do I say about you sweetheart! I feel you are my twin and you know that! You are a beautiful girl (yes guys, I have met her and all handsome guys stand a good chance here), I have never seen someone with such an innocent heart! Love ya sis!

I am really sorry if I have missed out a few names, but these are the few who kept writing and kept the lounge's spirit alive! I have been a regular reader here and trust me, we have some exceptionally talented people here now.

Moving on to the post...

October is the month... A season of festivals approaching!
I woke up this chilly morning...rubbing my eyes... pushing myself out of the bed, completely disinterested! I could hear my mom screaming at me that I would get late for the office. But sometimes when she screams this way, insted of getting irritated or mad at her, I smile and run to hug her! Her screams are my way of life now... and I am completely in awe of my mom... her zest towards life, the way she flashes that humble and sweet smile ocassionally... Love her!

Delhi is feeling the winter chill now. As the day approaches, a bleak ray of sun... a foggy morning... dew drops on the leaves and the feeling of wanting to be hugged by someone to beat the chill... I love it. As the day ends, a blanket of mist over the city, wishing everyone a good night... so that Delhi cuddles under this blanket and wait for another day... this is October here.

The markets decorated... people selling all kinds of stuff... from little things to decorate your house, to cart-pullers with their carts loaded with diyas...from gift items to crackers. After Dussehra, its Diwali time. This time of the year, it feels great to be a girl... helping mom with all the preparations at home, getting dressed up beautifully in a salwar kameez or a saree and greeting everyone coming your home with a big smile, a hug, loads of sweets and wishes. Festivals are that part of the year when all your problems seem to take a back seat and you are ready to let your hair loose and party!

This Diwali... I wish each one of you a happy life ahead. May these lights brighten up your day, your future. May Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi shower their blessings on you! May all the troubles vanish, and may happiness and prosperity be with you always.

Diyas that spread light
Igniting the spirit within
With silent prayers and hopes that now
All will be good
Live it up with joy
Its a day to enjoy!

Here is wishing each one of you and your family members a very happy and a prosperous Diwali. :)

My request...please say NO to crackers. but even if you wish to burn crackers, please be safe!! :D


  1. super diwali with the DOP :)

    loved ur post..
    welcome to Amity, Shradds and all new members too!! :)

    lovely acrostic.. u have a safe and happy festival of lights too!! :)

  2. Hey Vinu,

    Thanks da... and wish you the same. Stay safe and happy diwali!

  3. wish we cud celebrate diwali together :)

  4. @ Riya,

    Happy Diwali to you too! ;)

  5. @ PS,

    Thank you sis! :) Learnt it all from you. Hugs!

  6. Hi Nyx,

    well...thank you for the recognition...
    and your post? i learned all about Diwali from it...quite informative Nyx...

    you're so pretty dear...


    P.S. do come by my place, too if you have time...

    Happy Diwali pretty Nyx...:)

  7. Thanks da :) for making me a member here.. Love ya so much :)

  8. btw... lovely description about our festival of lights :) :)

  9. thank you for your very sweet welcome!

    Happy Diwali..

  10. @ Amity Me,

    Pretty eh? Thanks a ton! :)

    Hugs to you too! :D Will surely drop by your space very soon... :)

  11. @ MEOW,

    Love ya too da... :D :D Mwaaaaaaaaaah! ;)

    Thank you... I am glad I wrote something good! :D

  12. @ Shraddha,

    My Pleasure... Happy Diwali to you too! :)


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