October 15, 2009

Real friends

The window blinked in orange,he pinged "You sound so down! biiig time !! what's the matter ?"
Already tired from everything happening around me, i just said "Nothing much"
"Cmon, you can tell me.. you share everything with me.."
"I don't know dear.Just feeling something amiss"
"Cheer up gal,sad tones don't suit you"
"Yeah, I will be fine soon.. Ok! gotta go now."
"Bye babes,love ya!"
"same here" and i logged off, but the mood was still same.

As i sat listening to few sad numbers on my Ipod,I wanted to go out of the gloomy walls that surrounded me. Luckily you agreed to meet for a drink. The random conversation flowed as smooth as the drinks down our throat and soon i smiled, the smile giving way to laughter and the day looked so much better.

I pinged him first thing as soon as i was back home and he was so pleased to see the smiles back in the chat.But what i realized that evening was that virtual friends can never replace the real ones ! One should cherish both of them equally.

Inspired by the thoughts of Tan dada.


  1. your happiness should not depend on people. people are unreliable. make something more dependable your source of happiness. :)

  2. @ h. yes. like drinks :P ;)

    Babes.. I have realized friends r friends period.. real or imaginary.. some times all we need is a face 2 face conv.. at others the anonymity of the internet :)

  3. @H : its not about happiness ... sometimes you jst cant stay happy alone :)

  4. @poohi : thats wat i meant .. you need both set of friends ... so u better cherish them all :)

  5. Somehow I agree with you sis. There is always a certain line that shows us the difference between the virtual and the real ones. But I also believe that its a very thin line of demarcation!

  6. hmmm....don't know what to say..but virtual or not, they're both important i guess....

    what a virtual friend can offer, a real friend may not have it...

  7. hmm.... yeah agree with you...
    but both virtual n real life friendships have its own perks n de-perks...

  8. Prats .....it might not sound really good to many over here....but real life friends are better..

    when you are online....having a blog..building your resume as a writer by doing writing exercises for poems/stories or whatever form is good.....but wasting time on chatting, tweeting personal info is a waste..

    i can tell...as i did it...i have poly cystic ovaries...and it took my lot of treatments to have my twins....and i did what all young people do nowadays...wasted time on chatting....i wish i was organized like i am now....

    i never chat..
    i tweet to make relations...i love retweeting articles i am commenting....just to build my network..
    i NEVER read others' tweets..unless they mention me...
    i blog...and i treat it as a writing exercise..
    i visit WL as i feel it needs a cursory scanning every once in a while so that some spammers do not have a feild day..

    do you get my point?
    keep emotions for your real life friends..
    build your network online...know more and more people...but do not get emotionally involved...they are not family..i know it sounds harsh....but i feel that is the only way to be productive online....

  9. I partly agree with Shraddha :) though my virtual friends are more than my real friends :) Even my real friend has become virtual now :P

  10. categorization??... real friends.. virtual friends.. office friends.. school friends... etc... and prioritization... how who when what??... harsh i think!

    acquaintance and friendship are two different levels ... maybe ppl need to redefine it for themselves... n should medium matter ?

    I guess its only about bond... not James ofcourse :P

  11. Well i used to agree completely to what u said in the end! But then life brought a new perspectives to me and sometimes virtual turn real then its greater fun!
    I still remember having a break down yrs ago and the only friends who drove 30 kms just to cheer me up was someone i once knew virtually....so u never know :P
    And its true sometimes even real frnds don't have time to meet u and a virtual one is there cheering u up on the phone...so that's life!
    Ironically many of my so called real frnds have shifted to just messenger interactions and many virtual ones are more real than then with trying best to meet me or calling me when low....so friends are friends :)

  12. thanks all of u for your views ... i never categorize frnds nave .. it happens at times on its own... all i wanted to make a point was that at times u do need to connect to frnds in person... at times no amnt of calls n chats help u ... u need both of them as meena said ... Nabz i can relate to wat u said .. its almost same wd me ... my online frnds have been more supportive and understanding than few real ones .. and meeting those online frnds have strengthened the bonds more ... love all my frnds equally !!!

    @Shradha : i know wat u mean to say.. ut i guess it will take time fr me to e bit more organised .. :)thanks a lot for your honest opinion ,,

  13. friendships recently is turning out to me as if its an illusion... not that i complain.. not that i need em.. not that am not content with life.... also not that am being pessimistic or proposing a saintly funda over everything....

    but those who i care for... who i ve cherished all the time.. are they for real... do they value it... and they just dont seem to exist when i need em... they always have their set of moodswings, troubles and abcd...

    as if nothing that goes with me or in my life affects them a bit... i also get a feeling sometimes that if ever we are connected, has a sole honest reason that they cherish it and they want it to continue..

    Or is it that maybe i force em into it.. actively or passively.... i know not what... they cant switch off coz am either too good or too bad to em.. what is it?

    life suddenly makes you realize may be its all but a dream and your friends just characters playing their sways to light the canvas...

    may be i earned nothing out of life... Not one friend!

    ...and i wonder where i failed... and also wonder where i failed them... its a disturbing thought.. but eventually i have realized maybe its truth and i need to seek it.. understand it...

    may be the real and virtual friends; all of em, are actually nothing but virtual!!

  14. but yes whatever they are and whoever they are; wherever they are... they do exist... and i value that.. and value them :)


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