October 27, 2009


In my online life of around 4 years, I have had many friendship and even more frandship requests. Here is a list of some of the names of the frands whom I thought I would do without. Enjoy and add your own :

1. lover_4_u
2. sexyloverwaitingforu
3. cool_(name or surname of person)
4. nightking
5. ruler of hearts
6. princeofdreams
7. handsome_boy
8. Love is life
9. raju reporter (guess he saw guide too many times)
10. loveme
11. Loveguru (yeah yeah)
12. dreams of u
13. awesome_abhi
14. hotvicky4_u
15. coolsameer_luv

And many more that more or less talk about how 'love'ly it would be to have them as your friends. Most of these are also accompanied by lines like 'I love your eyes', 'u hv prety smile' (spell check doesnt work for them), 'beutiful girl' and also once 'I want to be media man' (didnt know till then that networking meant this). So Sandy Balan and me got discussing about these names and we came up with some names for fellow Writer's Lounge members and friends if they ever went over the top and wanted to show off their awesomeness. Hope no one takes offence, this is just for fun. The first target of course is you all know who :-P

1. sensational_ste
2. hotste_rulerofhearts
3. MBA_romeo
4. freelance_boyfriend
5. dashingleo
6. P.S._Iluvu
7. lippy_cilla (personally I prefer the other suggestion sundar_cilla :-D)
8. Rapchik_Jawaani_RJ
9. giveme_more
10. dontstep(man)onmyheart
11. Tanman_4u
12. solitaryluvboy

Any other suggestions and additions please please add in comments section...also add in the weird ones you have got till now :-D


  1. rapchik_jawani_RJ !! LOLZ !!! that was one awesome name !! n i loved my name .. though i dnt likr that book ;)

  2. A Meaty ME :-P (courtesy our idea man)

  3. Good list... will come with more and mail you :P

  4. was a fun to read..u remembr all those names..oh god..!!!

  5. Rapchik jawaani rj..?

    Ha ha ha..!

    I ahev ahd my share of this as well..
    worst pickup line they use..!

    "do you wanna friendship with me"

    and some gross as well like "sexy cock"..!
    God save these people..! And net is one hub for all the oddities..!

  6. sensational ste
    was the one which i loved

    i sue u fr hotste id

    i knw kiska idea hai yeh hehehe

    rapchik jawani kiska hai re


    lippy_cilla was funny hehehe

  7. lol nd i knw whz cd be the first target if sandy balu is writing with u hehehe... LoL.. HAS TO BE SENSTE lolzzz

  8. no one took away my name..i am not important!lol!

  9. hehe.. My God... Rapchik jawani RJ... :P :P

    Now Ste started calling me jawani... and he thinks his names r cool.. This is unfair.. :P


  10. arjun
    my names r really cool
    sensational ste
    hotste_rulerofhearts (who wrote this :P)

    solitaryluvboy (lol)


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