October 22, 2009

I miss you

He: Hi beautiful!
She: Hi
He: Why did you not come today?
She: I wasn’t well.
He: Ab, kya hua tujhe (Now what happened to you)
She: Just didn’t feel like. Any ways, how was your day?
He: Day was fine, but boring without you.
She: Can you ever stop flirting?
He: Can you ever stop complaining about it?
She: Sorry, I asked.
He: Should be. How you feeling now?
She: How can I be after talking to you?
He: Just as fresh as sunshine.
She: Oh please, stop it.
He: You hate me.
She: Finally, sense prevailed in you
He: Fine, I won’t call from tomorrow.
She: I am so glad.
He: Bye sweetheart
She: Bye, meet me tomorrow at the bus stop…tc
He: I wont meet you.
She: Heheh, Like always.

He: Go away you little tease.
She: What would you ever do without me you moron?
He: Yeah! why not? I have some work now. See you tomorrow darling. Take care until den.
She: Sure I will. U too take care

And that was the last conversation they ever shared. After 15 minutes, one of his neighbors called and said, his bike met with an accident and he is no more.

She couldn’t register his words. How was that possible? He was laughing, flirting and teasing just few minutes ago. No, she thought it was some prank or some kind of misunderstanding.

Then it dawned on her…He will not meet her tomorrow at the bus stop…Not tomorrow…not ever.
Tears poured down. She wanted to tell him that she loved him. She could never hate him. She hated herself for saying it.

And that was his last memory of her…she would live with it forever.

That day ended the beautiful friendship they shared…and with him left a part of her too.

I miss you when I walk lonely
I miss you when I flirt
I miss you when the phone rings
I miss you when the bird sings

I wish I could convey my love
I wish I could say goodbye
I wish I could tell what you meant
I wish I could follow your scent

I was rude and I was mean
I might not forgive myself ever
Still I hope you are my friend
I wish I could heal and mend

Your laughter echoes in my dreams
Your thought still makes me smile
I wish I could thank you one last time
For understanding me when I was mime

Please believe me you are special
Please believe me I cared
Please believe me I loved you
Please believe me I still miss you.

PS: Small Dedication to a friend whom I miss a lot. I wish I could tell him that his friendship was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. And sorry guys...i have been away for way too long..hope u havent forgotten me. Will try and be regular..


  1. Hi!

    ...this is no fiction?

    ...i like the story and the poem, but hope it's just a thought and the accident is not real...:(

    keep on writing, coz i like this piece of yours...:)

  2. My God..!! That was painful..!!

    I too hope the incident was just fiction.....

    Welcome back Shwetha..


  3. nice wrk dear..it often happens wn r loved one's r gone... moments in wch v hurt dm made dm cry often flashes infront eyes n v wsh tht v wud hv not hurt dm n made dm cry at tht moment....dis is life ....nice i m reading ur post aftr long time..

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  5. Really something sending shivers down the spine..i too hope it's just fiction..

    Keep writing..


  6. Hope iT's not a real story!!

    Nice one dear! May you talk to ur friend soon :)

  7. This is really special.Loved it :)


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