October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Hashan :)

Happy Birthday to the king of black poetries! Well, this is not the way I would like to address him, but still he deserves to be called so.

Hashan Hazarika celebrates his Nth birthday and we all wish him a great time and happy life ahead. Wish you all the good things in life. I am sure happiness and more happiness is waiting for you.

Keep writing and keep sharing too – we all wait for your posts and more so, when you post after a long. Don’t keep us waiting, Bhaiti… keep writing and keep posting.

God Bless You… may you live long and success kisses your feet in everything you do..

I have been reading him for a long time now. No doubt he is a Libran! I am sure the members of The Writers Lounge will be eager to read more of him. Hashan writes at: Hashan Hazarika's notepad !!


  1. Happy Birthday Hashan...:)

    may you have many more birthdays to come...:)

  2. Happy Birthday Hashan :) God Bless you!

  3. Thank you so much Tan da :) ...I'l be back soon !!

  4. that was nice Tan.. good to see ur post here.. Happy birthday again Hashan, i do read u too.. will try to comment sometimes now..

  5. sooo sorrry fr the belated wishes dude .. will treat ya wen u r back now !!

  6. Hey Pratsie thanks ya...How u doing??i'l be back to b'lore on 11th Dec :)

    thanks roshini dear :)..I love your writes..

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Hashan!


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