October 11, 2009

Give Me What I Want!!

She sat alone... Whining... Crying... Her eyes red, full of tears, her foreheadresting on her palm. Alone in a big house she sat, with no one who could wipe her tears! 

"What have I done?" she asked herself. 
This was not the first time she felt this way. Time and again life bestowed her with pessimism.  But she knew...she loved being happy. She wanted someone to pamper her, someone to lift her up, someone who could be a kid when she wanted to play a big smart girl and someone who would keep a watch over her when she becomes a kid while rolling down a slide! If this is what she wanted...why was she alone today... all by herself?? This loneliness was killing her.

Do YOU dread such a day in your life?? I DO!!

Guess what... there is some bad news and there is some good news as well. Lets end this post with a happy note...so that means the bad news comes first!

The bad news is that... EACH ONE OF US will see such a phase ib our life when he/she will be alone... in the same situation that I described! When you would pick your phone to make just any random call and flip through your phonebook... you would find not even a single name you want to call. That is life! Strange, weird...you hate it... yet you want to live it each day. :)

Now the good news... EACH ONE OF YOU who sees himself/herself in such a situation can deal with it. Know how? Just be yourself and do what makes you happy. You get up and feel like crying? Cry...if that is what makes you happy! You get out on the road and you have 10 friggin bucks in your pocket and all you want is a bar of chocolate. Hah...don't mind... go get one! You know you have seen a lot of what you don't deserve and you also know that it's time to do what YOU want! You love that sparky YELLOW?? And you know... you would be looked down as an alien when you wear it? 'YELL OW'er them and go for it because if yellow was that bad a colour, why would someone even teach you in your kindergarten what YELLOW is?? :P

I know we can't always be SELFISH and live for yourself, but sometimes when nothing seems to go the right way... you need to do this! They say great things come in small packages. Two days of spending your life your way can give you an year full of satisfaction!

Live happily, Live Sensibly! :)

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  1. I do feel lonely and I go to supposedly big shopping mall in chennai near my office every weekend... stroll .... eat what i want.... and enjoy... all ALONE... to kill my loneliness :)

  2. Hey Aarthi I loved ur post...

    I guess it is the way life is ..but the time wen u r alone u get close to urself , start living 4 urself n doin things tht u wanted to do without any restrictions- jus as u mentioned..!!!!

    thnks 4 sharing..!! :)

  3. Hey Urvashi,

    :) Thanks a ton yaa... :) I am glad that a few people can understand what I say and relate to it! Thanks! :)

  4. alone time is personal growth time...

    you go girl!

  5. Aarthi, enjoyed reading the post..can relate to it too.. keep going girl..


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