October 11, 2009

Boys need to realise this. Part 1

I read a note some weeks ago titled 'Girls need to realise this.' And After reading that I thought it was quite cute and sweet. I'll share that note in the part 2 of my note. Its a bit long and I don't want people to leave it in the middle thinking they'll read it in their spare time but then never come back *I often do that myself :-P* ... So, I've written the complete 'reply' to the boys side of note and I will publish that too soon, once everyone has read this and given their comments.

Girls: I hope I've done the justice for girls, so far.
Boys: No offense to anyone.

Cheers. And enjoy :-)

We don’t care if you’re friends with other girls,
but when we’re sitting next to you and some random girl walks in
and steals our thunder and you start sharing your ‘this’ and ‘that’ of the days,
without even introducing us, it pisses us off, BIG time.
We seethe with anger when you sit there and talk to her
for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we’re still there.

We don’t mind if a girl texts you or calls you,
but hey 2 in the morning we do get a little suspicious.
Nothing is that important at 2am that can’t wait till morning.
Also, when we tell you that you’re handsome/hot/sexy/stunning/gorgeous,
or when we cook a special meal for you, we’re not always trying to butter you.
Stop teasing and asking us what we want from you.
We’ll stop pampering you.

The sexiest thing about a guy is his protective nature for ‘his’ girl.
We love it when you leave the door open for us,
or hold the chair, we love you double the size
when you do these sweet gestures.
We absolutely don’t mind you paying for us,
you’re the man, you’re supposed to do it,
but, please don’t take it as a slap on your ego
when we ask you to let us pay for ‘us’, we like to give you treats.

We know you like it when we kiss you in public,
but stop thinking that we’ll probably showing off,
the intention is to let other men know that we have a ‘man’.
And we expect the same bravery from you.
Nothing makes us more proud then the moment
when you hold us closer and tell the world proudly, ‘that’s my girl’!
Although I’d be utterly surprised when you’ll call us ‘girl’
even when we reach our 50s.


  1. I will upload the part 2 soon. so do keep your eyes open for that.


  2. waiting for Part 2 and my eyes are wideeeeeeeeeee open :D

  3. hmmm. i absolutely agree with whatever u wrote!

  4. Lolz! I love this post :P! curious to read the second part too! :D

  5. hey.. nice post gal... me enjoyed it!!!

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  7. hmmm...very nice post Ms. Frozen? hope am not mistaken with you this time like I did with Shraddha...

    we feel elated when were pampered and treated so very right...


  8. woah...! This is just hilarious..and yet so true..!

    Well men..do keep these things on your mind next time you re with a girl..!

    bring on the part 2..!

  9. loved reading this post..keep them coming.. (boys please learn from this :))

  10. Hey everyone!

    Thank you so much for liking it. I'm glad to get all the comments. Actually I have just started uni 2 weeks ago and its kinda going very busy with the introductory sessions and stuff. I will, hopefully, upload the 2nd part during the weekend so do watch out for that.

    I'm surprised why no guys commented on it :-P

  11. Hina this is lovely :) I read it on fb and now when i re read it it actually does all justice from a girl's point of view!


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