October 11, 2009

can we remove this?

hello friends how are u?long time i didn't post something here just post  my hindi poem a day ago.
as iam bit busy in my GATE preparation,i had to travel to Indore(50km from Ujjain) daily for coaching.
as i went there my bus ...i notice something and that i want to share with all of you.
i saw lot of different village families in bus and the same thing i found in all of them is they had 3-4 child and in them firsr 2 or 3 are girls and other is boy.
i think you can get what i want to say... still in villages they think that boys are more powerful or i should say more responsible than girl that's why they produce childs until they got a boy child birth, and most important is that all of them are not have that much money to feed of them.

still in India lot of places specially Rajasthan and Madhaypradesh where still birth of girl is not good,most places they kill child girl .They gave excuses that boy will expand their family ,but girl can't but if this will goes in this way...sometime there will be no girl ,then boys will marry to whom and how they expand their families.

one more reason is that the DAHEJ PRATHA,if a person have girl he had to gave lot of money when he is ready to marry her ...that's why also they didn't want girl.
our govt had to take some serious action against it .


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