October 22, 2009

The Gift ....55 Fiction

The room is ready for baby Ashley’s arrival. Brightly decorated and completely adorned. Her cries in the delivery room announced her arrival. Anne eagerly looked for Dale and went ahead of the doctors to break the news of their baby’s arrival. She found him in the hospital chapel crying miserably and uncontrollably with her parents.

(This was my entry to Lena's 55 Fiction Contest at The Colors Magazine last month. I wanna see how you interpret the story. I cannot think of anything to post right now, hence I thought of this as a better alternative with permission of course from Lena, even immediately after the contest.)


  1. i thought that Ashley was being born of a surrogate mom.
    Anne and Dale were real parents and as soon as Ashley was born.Anne ran out to tell Dale.Dale was anxious and crying
    (like all men!)

  2. The doctor must've asked..'We can save only one of them..'..Dale must have told them to save the baby..he's sitting in the chapel feeling guilty about being so selfish..the typical hindi movie stuff..:-|..

  3. I am no hindi, but am happy i have touched your typical one...

    i admire how you have seen the interpretation that way...me? i have written it but didn't know it would get different views from others like you...!

    I salute you Amar...:) I'll bookmark you on my page...:)

    nice day!

  4. My dear Princess;



  5. in what sense is it good Ste?

    i want your interpretation of the story...;)

  6. Hey thanks..:-)..Salute is a big word..especially for someone like me who says..'Know me by my words..'..You people really write good stuff..and I salute you for that..:-)..

  7. Hi Amar,

    thanks so much...wish to see you visible on my other posts!



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