October 22, 2009

Boys need to realise this. Part 2.

Hello everyone :-)

so here I'm with the part 2 of my last post, and yes there is a part 3 too. Sigh! When I started writing it I thought I'll fit it in 2 parts but that would've cut out so much so i prefered not to do so. anyway before you get bored I'll just paste the part 2.

Enjoy. Cheers :-)

We know you hate it when we take long to get ready for the special date you organise for us,
but appreciate the fact that we do it for ‘You’, we like getting ready for our man.
We put all that effort in for you ‘only.’ We’d love it if you compliment us,
instead of complaining about the time, when we’re yours for life then why does time matter?
But at the same time we don’t like it when you expect us to look perfect all the time,~
if you like us for our looks then we want you to love us for who we actually are.

We like it when you crack silly jokes and make us laugh, but we would prefer it if you
get serious at times too. It is good to have a heart to heart chat at times.
You don’t always have to play the Mr Hard role.
Put your head in our lap and let us comb our fingers in your hair,
let us take you in our arms and make you feel secured and strong,
let us mother the child in you. We feel proud to be the ‘one’ for you.
We feel more belonged to you when you share the intensity of your emotions with us.

Stop preaching about sports and action films 24/7, do NoT tell us how many goals Ronaldo done,
our at what side Beckham should’ve been to hit the goal,
or how much you love ManU or hate Liverpool, or how gay Arsenal is.
We ‘don’t’ want to know. You have your friends for that.
Don’t watch sports or offer us to play games when we’re with you.
It turns us off BIG time!!

Guys, I cannot stretch it any longer, and making it clear on behalf of all the girls,
well on behalf of most of them I guess, that if we’re not being treated rightly by you,
then we won’t think twice before ditching your sorry ass, unless you’re worth the chance.
But we won’t let you mess about with us.
We’re not loaded with the chances you keep asking for.

We won’t take long to move on with our lives and find someone better,
someone who will treat us with utter respect, someone who will respect our morals,
someone who will turn our crying tears into laughing tears,
someone who will lighten our mental burden,
someone who will ignore our silly mistakes and care for us,
someone who will truly love us not just in our best but at our worse too,
someone who will love us for our individuality,
someone who will leave everything just to take us in arms and say ‘I love you’
and look us deep in the eye and convey the message to our soul too.

Boys you have to get this fact clear, we’ll only love you if you respect our dignity
and stay within the limits we set for you, if you be nice and patience then we might even
consider to give you lifetime right on us. So be a gentleman!


  1. this is so funny!!! good imagination...

  2. Hi..had read ur part 1 also...This is nice.......!! Loved all the lines...all the words...so true yaar..I felt u were speaking just abt me...n i guess all hte girls would feel the same..!!!

  3. :) interesting one.. am gonna forward to all ma male pals :P

  4. Thanks Shraddha. I'm glad that you liked it. :-)

    Urvashi Thanks to you too. I'm glad you could relate to it and as you said almost all the girls would agree to it. Thanks again :-)

    Meow no copy rights to this. You can share it with as many people as you like. We need to spread the msg ;-)

  5. Good to realise i do it all for my girl whatever you've written guys should do..And yeah i agree with you..Being a gentleman is what a man can do the best..and he should always do it..:-)..

  6. @Amar Bhaiya: Where are you?? Why no posts?? :( How is Bhabhi?? Regards to her :) Tc!

    @Frozen: On my !! Oh my!! Girl.. you got a very well observation on guys.. Whatever.. WHATEVER, You have written, all are so TRUE!!!!

    Waiting for part 3 :)

  7. @Nuchu..Bhabhi is absolutely fine..;-)..I'm just a lil busy with preparations for my exams..i'll come back soon with something special for your bhabhi sis..;-)..


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