October 21, 2009

Chess..A Game of Life..!!!

Grid of squares,White and Black ,
whooping in the Battle field to attack..
Waiting in the Combat Zone are Rooks and Bishops,
They stand upright,
Warrior, thou strong,
Crossing and Moving Ahead,
Fearing no one around...
Facing the King and Queen are standing Knights,
Big and Powerful,
Undefeated,they stand out from the rest,
Jumping and Checking,Just keep fighting...
Preceding them all are Pawns,
Willing for Reincarnation,
Always,they bow to bleed,
Striving to win by power,
Neglected,thou size...
Game of Life, it's a Game to survive,
Game of obsession, to play with passion.
Boggling mind, and Challenges sublime,
Killing moves, defending the self,
Trapping the opponent's king,
ends with Magical 2 words,


  1. Hi Mads!

    read this first in your blog site...

    good chess player huh!

    me, i'd get a nosebleed whenever my kids try to teach me how to play...:)

    very well written...:)

  2. One of the things I fell in love with... Wanna try me in ChessCube or in FaceBook Chess???

    Do let me know...

  3. those are fantastic lines!!

    good one!


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