September 13, 2009

Who I am..??

You wanna know who I am
I am what I see in your eyes
when I look at you
I am the one your heart cares most
I am in the ticks of your wall clock
I am in tears of your joys
I am in the reflection of your mirror
I am your first ray of hope
I am your shoulder to cry on
I am close to you in your dark wintery nights
I am in the every beat of your heart
I am the one who's awake in your dreams
I am in the castle you live
I am your smile,I am your tear
I am in creases of your morning bedsheets
I am your fragrance,I am your anger
I am your past ,I am your future
I am on train you travel every day
I am in the drops of rain that touches your soul
I am everywhere,I am everything
I am your shadow,I am your fear
I am your day,I am your night
why you wonder who I am
when you know who I am
Everyday you ask me this
and everyday I repeat you same these lines
Doctors say you have lost your memory
and I say have you lost your senses
you don't remember me anymore
look straight into my eyes
hold me in your arms as always you do
feel me touch me
this is who I am
I have no identity without you
my life is not worth living
when you are not a part of it
every morning I knock at your door
just in the hope that one day
you will remember me
but it's hell when you give those strange looks
my life has just become
a walk from my home to your home
this never ending journey is what all my fate
with all my broken heart I pray you oh god
either take my memory too so that
I may not go through this pain all day
or bury me under that ground forever
so that my soul may rest with her fathomless love
that may not die even till eternity

1 comment:

  1. i am me!!!
    awesome lines!!!
    kinda relate to it when i look at myself in the mirror


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