September 13, 2009

Take me back....Bring her forth

A Penguin-Grasshopper post

The days that separated us finally realized that it was useless postponing the inevitable.
Chennai| the land of idli and dosas, the place which boasts of the second largest artificial beach in the world, the place where you can find the most horrid auto-wallas and the place where dreams do come true (if you wish so so hard).

'Yep...ssup missy?? Enjoying huh??'
'Loads.... reaching Chennai tomorrow morning. Can you meet?'

Who was she kidding?? Of course i can! She knew that, I knew that. And you folks know that too...

'hmmm ok..wil let you know the time. Wake up soon. Love ye'

Soon happened to be a bit too late. I woke up by 11 in the morning. Darned alarm! It was not even 48 hours since we parted, still i was itching to be with her, around her, near her, whatever-her! (Oh! we guys met in Bangalore for a couple of days :P)
She rang up soon. I had to meet her by 2. Aunty wanted to meet me! I kinda like her mom a lot. She's damn sweet. So i showered, emptied all my bro's deo over myself, checked myself in the mirror for 'bout a zillion times until bro finally picked his lazy ass up and kicked me out. The weather didn't look to bad. It actually rained the night before. Its a wonder that even the sun decides to hide himself when she is around.

I reached Anna-nagar before time and waited for her highness to present herself. She came in a scooty, wearing a MJ tee, weaving in and out of traffic before finally halting on seeing me. She looked ravishing....erm....great actually! I had do sit behind her and off we went! I reminded her that i was still not married and didn't want to be dead so soon. But then realized that it didn't matter anymore. SHE was HERE! I can guarantee that my heart beats faster around her than the pace of the rising speedometer on her scooty. Met Aunty, and then off we went. 

Mocha has become a home sweet home for us. Holding hands, looking into each other's eyes has become much more frequent since the last time we met in Chennai. Blame it on Bangalore. Penguin specifically told not to write 'bout Bangalore days without her reading it first. Coz nearly 80 percent of the post will have to be censored and edited before being published here. *sigh*

I was hungry...and she seldom eats. Ordered hookah and sandwiched while i looked around for a better sitting place. She found it first. hehe... a cozy corner lounge type area where i cold finally lie down and keep my head on her lap while i get lost into her eyes again. We chatted, we laughed. She looked great. Did i mention it already? i guess so. Can't stop saying that at all. The scent of her skin still sends me shivers down my spine. I can see goosebumps erupting on her skin when am inches away from her neck. Her breathing becomes heavy and then i back off. Kinda love turning her on :P

The poor Mocha waiter had to come and tell us to sit a few meters apart. Silly bloke! Spoilt the mood....hehe... The pecks on the cheeks have been replaced by something far more better and far more controversial to write 'bout it directly here. :P

We sat for nearly 2 hours and then walked the short distance to CCD to meet Heena. Spilled all the secrets of Bangalore to her and for a moment she was still.lols. Dropped her back to T.Nagar. We both have stopped waiting and praying to meet soon, coz we know we way or the other.

The next day...she was gone yet again. Only the memories remain and the magic, vivid as ever...never to diminish, never do die down. The sun rose again and she was home. 
But her heart...its still here...waiting to be tamed...all over again.

                                         the waiting game resumes...


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  2. is this fiction or real?

    kinda shows you're so in love in your post i can even relate to it huh!

  3. @ amity
    haha...check out the other penguin-grasshopper posts... you will know it

  4. okay...i made a peek in your penguin-grasshopper posts and i sure need a day off from office so i can sit back and relax and read all your posts...

    the pics show that it's a post from a writer who is love....

    well...nice works...

    you can really write so well when it comes from the heart...

  5. P.S. Freelancer,

    I've tried writing something like yours, an attempt at short love story writing, but only it's a fiction, not as real? as yours...

    care to visit my site at
    Just click on fiction or short story, and there you can see 7 seven chapters of it and still unfinished...

    have a nice day freelancer:-)

    you're really very good at your craft...nurture it!

    P.S. I have a post here, my first, titled: The Verdict.

  6. Finally, I am here to read it! ;)

    And Mr.Freelancer... let me tell you one thing... YOU ARE DEAD!! I mean... grrrrr... kuch na likhke bhi sab kuch likh diya tumne... :P

    But... jokes apart... a perfect Penguin-Grasshopper post! :)
    Loved it...

    Penguin! :)

  7. @ amity me
    sure will go through your blog
    thanx fr the kind words

  8. nice one FL
    "yaad aa rahi hain teri yaad aa rahi hain"
    this lines for this post

  9. @ chirag
    haha lols...
    kisko yaad kar rahe ho bhai??

  10. hehe seriously waiter did said tht..
    ..wn u guys miss ech othr so mch dn y u part..:(

  11. still????...........i was hell shocked....but then i think my reactions were still better than normal human being...given i know stupid FL :P :P

    and i am so sorry guys ....i disturbed u guys for full one hour...mere rehte itna pyaar chalak raha tha....u guys must have hated me for being there :D :D

    anyways cool posts..and love meeting u ppl.....and spoiling u guys' dates :P :P

  12. @ heena
    tu toh drama queen hi rahegi.
    Arey wanted to meet you...isliye toh bulaya tha

    btw meri baat tu maan rahi hai na...thoda zyada khane ko bola tha :P

  13. Umm.. well well..
    i hv no words to express the level of romanticism i find in this post..
    Its dripping with umm...sensuality ;)

    All the best for whatever u want this "not every r'ship can be named' r'ship to turn out to be :) :)


  14. nice to see grasshopper nd penguin back back back /:P

  15. @ shruti
    sensuality lols

    hmmm.... am just glad these posts manages to keep you hooked


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