September 13, 2009

Been There, Done That... Will DO It Again!

Ever since I came back from Chennai on 28th July, days passed by like whooooosh! :)
It was time again...time for Penguin to meet her Grasshopper. After spending a few days in Bangalore and meeting up some uber cool people, Penguin was waiting at the railway station for her train to Chennai... the train that was scheduled at 11.45 PM. I reached the station at 9.30 PM... so technically I had 2 hours for myself and my random thoughts that were crowding inside my head. Ever read 'P.S. I love you'? ... I love that book...or wait, may be I hate it! Why? Simple, because its so damn romantic!!
After flippin' a couple of pages, Penguin was lost in her thoughts... thoughts about_____!! (Fill it up yourself...). I somehow love reading books... imagination runs freely! :P

My train finally arrived...and after safely keeping my baggage, I reached for my berth and took out my mobile from my bag.

'Yep...ssup missy?? Enjoying huh??'
'Loads.... reaching Chennai tomorrow morning. Can you meet?'

Next morning I reached Chennai and I was greeted by my friend Sowmiya's message! I was waiting for Grasshopper's message, but I really knew it that he would be sleeping... sleeping like a drunkard... lol! And you know what...?? When I was in train, Mr.Grasshopper actually messaged me asking if I wanted him to come and receive me at the station. Lol! I know he loves his sleep and hence I did not want to disturb his morning dreamy sleep and there he was sleeping...without any disturbance! :P
Someone didn't even message me that morning. Finally after waiting for around 5 hours, I took up my phone to make a call. By that time, all my patience had gone for a toss! The call got connected, and it started ringing... almost when the call was about to get disconnected... I heard a voice...
'Hello Penguin.'
'What are you up to?'
'Oh, I just woke up sometime back. My friggin' alarm didn't ring.'
 'Nice! What plans? Come to Anna Nagar. Mom wants to meet you.'
'Ok, Sure. Will be there in 1 and a half hour atleast.'
I was angry on him, remember? I mean he didn't call me only! But the moment I heard his sleepy voice, it was all gone. He finally came to Anna Nagar and I went to pick him up on scooty. He came, met my mom. My mom likes him so much that she teams up with grasshopper to tease me! :P

 We were off to where... umm... no idea! We thought about it for a few moments and finally ended up deciding to go to the same place where it all began... Mocha... and once again, it was Mocha callin'. The place is not very good as such... but the fact that it all started there makes it special for me. The fact that that was the place where I realized that he was a great guy... a great friend... someone who can listen to the endless crap that I talk... someone who would charm me back even if I fight with him like an idiot. Finding a place to sit in Mocha was difficult this time. But in a few minutes, we found a good place to sit. We sat and as it has always been, we talked and laughed and fought and made up for it and laughed again and hugged. Grasshopper has always been special for his Penguin... I have seen loads of ups and downs (mainly downs) with him... but, there is something that keeps us together and I don't want to know what that something is. Grasshopper, for the very first and may be the last time, I am giving you all the credits for keeping our friendship alive. Had it not been you, we would have surely parted ways by now!

After hogging on sandwiches and blackcurrant cooler, we called up Heena and asked her if she could meet us. She agreed. At about 5.30, we walked our way to Ishphani. Heena came, we all chatted for almost an hour and it was again...time for me to go home! Sigh! Grasshopper dropped me at T.Nagar and we bid goodbye with a hug! :)

You know what, sometimes I have a hundred reasons to hate him... but I also have a thousand reasons to be with him. I wasn't well when I reached Chennai, but I felt just fine...superfine when I was with him. There is something more than love or friendship. I always say that there are a few relations that do not have a name. Penguin-Grasshopper one is one of them. My heart races when he is around... also when he is not around and his thoughts crowd my mind. It aches to part... it pains to say 'bye' to him... I talk to him for hours together, but many people call me introvert... does that mean that my heart speaks to him...? Yes!

This time when we said 'bye' to each other... it wasn't paining much! Why? Because I knew that we were destined to meet over and over again.

I am back home... but not completely. I missed a part of me somewhere... and that somewhere is Chennai... I hope Grasshopper keeps it safely!



  1. you can't gv all the credit to me gal.. you deserve it too
    and bout ur part that you left in chennai....FL is there to take care of it

  2. hehe dis relationshp has name

    "luv cum frndship"

    very nice Artz...

  3. nice yaar
    ye story to jabardast hain...
    kuch bat hain is post main.....

  4. chirag its not story....

    ye sachi vaardaat hio...aur main iski chasmdeed gawaah hun :P

  5. @gulshan i know yaar
    i know all things
    but samjha kar

  6. look at this bangalore people...only one line we get 4 our hospitality
    " After spending a few days in Bangalore and meeting up some uber cool people"

    Neways kidding nice post :D

  7. @ Vidisha,

    Different people... different perspectives babe! =D

  8. @ Chirag,

    Tum toh jazbaati ho gaye! Lolz...

    Kya baat hai zindagi mein... :D

  9. @ Gulshan,

    Lolz... ji haan! Aap se behtar koi jaane toh 1 crore waapas! :P

  10. @ AD,

    Don't start it here or am gonna get lmao again! :P

  11. @ Nuchu,

    I know why that grin babe! Mwah!

  12. Girl don't hate..'P.S I love you..'..The very description of the relationship you've is so damn sweet..I would read out your posts rather than the book..Because it's not fiction..God bless you both..!!

  13. @ Amar,

    Thanks yaa... :)

    I am really glad that you guys find it 'sweet'... :)

  14. @ Amar,

    And you would read out our posts rather than the book!?! :O

    Honored... :D

  15. Yeah for sure..It's always beautiful to know something going on so beautiful somewhere around and you coming to know about it..How do you think these authors get inspired..From us..;-)..Damn..We should get some credit too..;-)..Keep posting..Would love to read..:-)..



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