September 12, 2009


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I sit in the darkness of daylight,
a shadow on the wall
seeking colors while lingering in grays.
No one is here but silent enemies,
malice and doom,
fear mongers whistling away the day.
Outside, green glistens beneath a sky so blue
it hurts my eyes.

In the old days, a step into sunlight and warm
smiles muffled the mindless ramblings of gloom
before he could warn of murkiness ahead
fraught with dread and isolation.
I did not see it then.
Darkness hiding, waiting for a moment when
my tears would dampen the ground beneath my feet.
No, I did not see it then.
Instinct left without checking in.
It was unfortunate, a result of a windy day.
I lost my grip on a weightless wish that floated away.
I could not save it or the spirit that once lived
in the folds of a new day.
Just a window framing sky is all that remains.

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  1. nice one
    new here?
    glad to see someone doing dark poetry.

  2. welcome to wl lauren....

    nice start

    good to read the dark poem after days..

  3. Great work.. Nice to see a new variety..

  4. Thank you. Yes, I'm new.

    It's so nice to find such a great community of writers.

    Love it here.

    Look forward to meeting every one.

    Btw, I see it's already Monday where you are. It's still Sunday here.



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