September 10, 2009

Moonlit confession

In this moonlit night
I have one long confession
lingering my heart from a long time
It's time to free it and let it to your heart
before this poised moon hide behind hazy clouds
I have something deep within to tell you aloud
beneath this beautiful face you see everyday
is a devil rising high everyday
strangling me from telling you truth
from day I say you on that busy train
I had spent many sleepless nights
I still wonder how one fine day
destiny fall on my ground
and took me to your world
your charming smile steal my heart
we sail so long on the ship called friendship
holding tears when nights were dark
shedding each other under sunny days
you penetrated deep inside my soul
knocked down my hidden window
stole my darkest fear
molded me into what I am today
how hours turn to days and days to years
I never realized until that day
when I saw you with someone, so close
my heart ripped out of my chest
tears spilled out of my eyes
I felt sudden pain that choked me so long
right from that day I realized
how will I feel if I loose you someday
my world was upside down
I turned back to look at past
not a second passed without your thought
I kept moving thinking you were all mine
but I broke down when reality hit me hard
these scars still bleed many time
then took some transformation
and my feelings changed for you that night
I cheat you on your scared ship
I crossed my barriers of being your friend
new dream built around in my eyes
where you were there for me every time
dreaming about you when I woke up
I found love standing at my door
hiding it I moved so far with you
but now it seemed I am failing
to hide it any more
so under this vast dark sky
I am standing here to confess
that till this waves rise and fall
till this moon shine in that sky
I will love you...I will love you..
I know you may not love me back
but I can't stop loving you now
and its getting deeper day by day
It's not your fault that I landed up here
but It also true I can't hold it anymore
I can never be same friend of yours
I can never love you the way you want
now its upto to your whether you want me
or throw me out of your life:(

word count:440


  1. well written Vidhisha..sometimes we r too late in realizing tht we r in love...n den it hurts so much

  2. well written

    the emotions were well portrayed

    keep it up

  3. a helluva poem
    gal yu r impressing me each day


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