September 11, 2009

WhErE AnGeLs TrEaD..........

She gazed at the sky... Hoping to find some familiar face amongst the hide and seek of the moon and the clouds... Hoping to get a glimpse of the life which existed beyond the clouds - the life whose stories where known on earth as Fairytales....!!

She remembered the day she had been sent down to Earth... She had to give up all her powers and wishes, and to live a life as human being till the next brightest full moon, when the moonlight would make even the night shine as a day. She had hoped that this night she could return back to the heavens and once again be "An Angel of Love"

Yes... She was an Angel...Angel of Love… She made the lovers and Soulmates meet on this Earth... She helped the humans to find their Partner... Yes, she was the one who created miracles, coincidences and brought two souls together on various occasions and united them. But then, one day...

One day, she had done what she was forbidden to do... She came on earth to make a Prince meet his Soulmate... But she herself fell in Love with the tall and handsome Prince whose eyes seemed to be speaking a thousand words... who had a strong Aura around him… She fell in Love with him and she just could not let the Prince fall in love with someone else…

She went back to Heaven and demanded that she should be made the Prince's Soulmate... She argued and argued. Until she had got punished... And her punishment was... To live on Earth as a human and make two lovers meet without using any of her powers and understand the true meaning of Love and finding Soulmates- a Meaning which she would never understand as An Angel.

Today, was the day when one of her friends (the friend made by her when she came on earth), had met her Soulmate and finally they got married. The gleam in their eyes when they vowed to be with each other forever and ever made her feel that this was the knowledge her heart was yearning for.... This day, she realized that “No power can stop the souls from identifying their Soulmates….” No power can stop from Uniting them or no power can separate them…Angels could only help them to tread on the right path. She thought her time on Earth was now complete. Maybe, she could now go back to Her World.....

She gazed up at the sky…….

The moonbeam shone on her face as if trying to brighten her up and welcoming her........ :)

Word Count: 437

PS:- Hi all at WL. I am Urvashi and this is my First post here.. Hope you all like it...!!


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