September 14, 2009


Sunday Scribblings Prompt - Tattoo

I have no Tattoo
Its so permanent
It scares me away
I can never have it
Its not for me
No way
Yes!Laser can remove them
But I have no money to waste
Its not for me
No way

Photo by Ste3ve at Flickr

I do LOVE Henna Tattos
They fade away
That's more my style
They never over stay
I had the best for my marriage
It was so dark and pretty
When i look at the pictures
I wonder if that really was me

Photo by Alhowat at Flickr


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  1. agreed with you totally!
    even i am not much of a tattoooooooo person. yes i love mehndi thats the best tattoo ever :D

  2. Well said! :)

    But still, I want to get just one tattoo done! :D :D


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