August 6, 2009

It's my turn...

To the love of my life..

A n a N y A

Your beautiful dimples took my heart away,
The magical smile made my love sway..
Lost in you,your innocent eyes i saw,
I smiled as i was left in an awe..

I never felt the way I was feeling,
I was confused,I had no single clue..
It took me some time but I discovered,
I was already head over heels in love with you..

It was you in my heart,You in my soul,
I thought 'Without her i would just be a mole'..
Your gorgeous smile was all over my mind,
With your gesture so humble,Your voice so kind..

I kept thinking,I kept dreaming about you,
I wanted you even if the moments were a few..
My heart was beating to the rhythm of your name,
I was wondering if you were feeling the same..

My hidden attraction was now the love of my life,
My heart called you mine,My heart called you my wife..
I couldn't believe i was in love,I was feeling this way,
I wanted to call you mine,My feelings I wanted to say..

The day came,'I think I've started loving you',I said,
'You think?',came from you wondering if I was afraid..
'I love you',I said as it came all from my heart,
'I love you too',You said nervously and we had a start..

Sweetheart,Since then I've always been the happiest man ever,
You've been with me in my thich and thin,You've been there forever..
It's my turn to make you feel special,It's my turn to be there,
I promise i'll be with you with all of my love and care...


  1. Oh man! That was a masterpiece, I would say :)

    And the pics? Nice couple :) :)

    Keep writing....

  2. very very Romantic :) loved the pic too..

  3. Complete package... a perfect romantic poem with that super sweet pic! :)
    Loved it!

  4. Oh gosh!! Pretty woman!!

    God bless you guys!!

    Bhaiya.. Keep loving her forever like this...

    I juz loved the poem so much :D

  5. Thanks for your wishes guys..Thanks for you appreciation..:-)..Hope to go a long way with her with all the blessings..:-)..

  6. chweet poem... really romantic...
    I wish the perfect couple... eternal happiness...

  7. ananya is real lucky 2 get tis ode written by u dude :)

    god bless both of u..

  8. I'm the lucky one guys to be with her..;-)..


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