August 6, 2009

Every 17th Day, a Death

Every 17 days, a death in a village and would that actually make any sense for us? Well, if you life in the west where the Swine flu has gripped the whole, you would say that it was the swine flu but no, it's not the Western countries but countries from the East making it not swine flu but something spiritual. The village is called Amloh, about 600 killometers in Haryana's Yamunagar district where it is said that it is a cursed village where one person dies every 17 days. 
This has been happening for the last four to five months and every 17th day, one person dies. A fear has gripped the village that it will happen again, forcing them to go off their daily works such as quiting vegeterianism, alchohol and many of their daily routines. A local man named Kuldeep Singh from that village told Times of India: "The world may not believe this but we have lost five perfectly healthy persons. One just dies every 17 days. We are hoping nothing happens to any of us this time. Maybe Kherha Devta (the presiding deity) is unhappy with us. Somebody must have done something very wrong, landing us in this mess."
This all began from May 13th when Ruliya Ram was found dead in her bed at the age of 55. The villagers have confirmed to see her fine the day before but the next day she was gone. 17 days later, Seema Devi died from brief illness. 17 more days later, 22 -year old Rahul died and another 17 days later Dharma Pal died on July 3rd. The last one to die was Raman Kumar, 19-year old from a minor chest infection. It was said that he collpsed to the floor after eating the meal and there before they could even take him to the hospital, he was found dead. 
Today is another 17th day and the villagers are praying for this to stop. 
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  1. may be some dark can't explain everything !!!!!

  2. Scary for sure..Whatever it is..I just hope it stops..


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