August 7, 2009


I travel this world,
Wild and free.
In search of this divine feeling,
Deep within my heart,
I see, that that kind of heaven is overrated.

I get lost several times,
The map torn and strewn,
Just like the way my heart is,
I search for the right path that will lead me back to you,
Deep within my soul,
I know, that this path is overrated.

I stumble upon the edgy rocks,
I am scared to step on them,
The fall would be painful,
But I am so numb
I don’t feel the pain,
Deep within the hole in my chest,
The pain resides, with the power to hurt no more.
And I feel, the pain is also overrated.

I roll along the thunder,
Against the hard lashing rain,
Oh ! they stinge so bad on my skin,
That they turn white and cold,
Just like the picture,
Deep within my memories,
That slowly fades away.
And I see, even those memories seem over rated.

I swim across the ocean,
To find you standing at the shore,
To see that beautiful smile on your face
And I try to fight off that image so sore.
Deep within my mind
I find, the smile of yours over rated.

I know the love sinks,
To the bottom of the ocean,
Like a heavy chest that is worth a lifetime,
I would dive deep down and bring it back
But deep within my senses,
I know, that this effort for you is also overrated..


  1. evrything is overrated...but if u look deep inside u know what to do..sometimes u think the effort is futile then don't question the outcome question ur intention..if ur intention is 100% never back down. If it is 99% then work on it first and then go all the way.Be sure of whT ur doing first, if ur then u will never regret ever.


  2. awesome write... luved it... especially the 2nd n third stanzas..
    I've felt the same at times when i'm dozed with excess cynicism... but times change.. :-D

  3. Everything is indeed overrated on the surface but deep within there is a cure.Well people say this,for me everything's overrated too..;)

    Beautifully done..:)


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