August 6, 2009

A visit to Sevadham

i want to write this post on friendship day but due to some work iam not able to post i got some time so i thought to write this post as soon as .

on friendship day everyone wishes their friends and gave gifts and do parties and masti on this day with their friend's .i also wishes my friends but, i didn't do any party on this day because me and my group ATHAK PRAYAS went to Sevadham Asharam on this day from last 2 year's.
iam not able to go there last year but this year i went there .

now something about Sevadham
it is the place run by Mr Sudhir Bhai Goyal ,here all the person's who left their home or their children or their relatives forced them to leave the home stayed.also children's who have no father ,mother stayed here and also mental and other patient .

Mr Goyal serve them very well and they are like their father who gave them food and shelter .
my group usually went there ,but we decided 2 year's back to go there on every friendship day .

On every friendship day we did there something different,one time we gave them clothes and other essential daily life items.

last time we gave them food of one time

and now this time we decided to do something for the children's of the Sevadham .
we thought to make their birthday ,so we bring cake there and we celebrate the birthday of all the children's together .the children's were so happy and enjoyed a lot and after that we also visited and meet other people there and we found a old man who sings very well and he knows lot of songs.iam really impressed by him ,and i thought when i saw the old people there that they serve their children very well gave them good education and still their children did this to them.

from this post i request all the lounger to help this people because i thought there will be at least one sevadham in your city so go there and spent a day with them and then saw the happiness on their face.

to know more about ATHAK PRAYAS visit this blog....


  1. Thanks for all the information Chirag! And trust celebrated the friendship day in a much better way than all of us! :)

  2. bravo!!!..u r really gr8 dude as tis was an eye opener 2 all of us...

  3. I guess we'll find some really good friends if we follow what you're trying to say buddy..It'll make us a better person too in our own eyes..:-)


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