August 4, 2009

I wish I had a Time Machine

Sometimes I just wish I could go back in time and
change things.
Sometimes I wish I would pocess a time machine...
So that I could go back and undo the things I did.
So that she would not get so irritated.
She would not run home, If I didn't reek that day.
Trying to forget makes you remember more.
Is this what was bound to happen.
Could I not be more sensible.
At least the girl would not be frightened.
Sometimes I can't help thinking.
If only she knew how badly I wanted to change that day
How badly I wanted to see her face again.
Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and change


  1. Sigh!

    Sometimes even I wish the same, but perhaps if things had been good always, we would never have learnt anything in our realizations, no experience about anything...

    Nice poem! :) Great job...

  2. hey
    nice one ...
    unno I wish so much for a time machine ... theres so much I wana change ... :)
    u made it sound so emotional and beautiful ...
    loved it !!!

  3. @artz ur right but when the erring person decides to change, then the girl should listen no? :(

    @whysoserious..don't worry many blue blue posts coming all this month..this is my official blue month :( :( :'(

  4. @ Abhri,

    Sigh! Everyone deserves a second chance... :(

    *hugs to you*

  5. nice Abhri...truth is v don't hv sch thng thts y itz being said think twice b4 u say nythng..par koi nhi yaar kabhi-2 ho jata hai...nice write..

  6. u said it all in d start n d end..unfortunate tat none can've something like tis :(

  7. This is a wonderful poem..!
    I would so want a time machine as go back and close the door on the persons who are a big mistake today..

    If only..!

  8. hmmm... yeah, me too want a time machine n a pause button with it.... beautiful write Abhri...
    he he... ur official blue month..?? waiting to

  9. I wish I had a time machine.Ever seen the movie TIMEMACHINE.He invents a time machine and could not save his girlfriend due to some reason.That actually provokes him to make a time machine... We could just imagine such things ,an illusion .If we had things to change then this world would be different ;trust me :)

  10. Well exactly the thing i always said whenever i did something wrong unknowingly..But then i think may be i'll do the same in the future even if i correct my mistake..
    But i won't mind having one actually..;-)..
    Nice work bro..:-)..
    Loved it..:-)..


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