August 1, 2009

Autopsy of Civilization


This poem is a dedication to the scifi game and the movie 'resident evil' - where human race suffers extinction due to the sick experiments of a biotech company for the sake of profits.


Merciless invasion deep into the crust
Bones twisted beyond imagination,
Burned bodies lying upside down
Skull deformation, this nameless extinction
Shackles of blood rusted barbwire
Tormented visions of the past echoes
A civilization burned by its own fire
Child turned slaves, mother turned whores

Defiant creature in its own miserable curse
Deriving pleasure from an undeniable apathy
Where xenophobia becomes the truest friend
Where pain speaks through a miserable telepathy
Collapse of every ideologies like grains of sand
A disgusting mutant with basic survival instincts
Where poison quenches the extreme thirst
Where nothing ever makes it a place for reasoning

Horizons beyond the horizons awaits in black
A silent wrath with a chaos of perfect demarcation
By the evening they carry the dead in the sacks
By morning another countdown for a fresh annihilation
Hollowness based economy, Deception based capital
Unholy within every sections of the paralyzed mind
Remorselessness has made the sickness immortal
Portraits of mental holocaust , artist for the blind

Insanity corporation, wizards of biochemical hazards
Unclaimed new born , ripped from the skin and torn
Into the windshield of slaughtered humanity
Picture this process for thousands years long
Without a name and face , it grows abnormally
Unaware of its origin, unaware of its quantum reality
Just a purpose of living without a purpose
Its only music is the sound of inevitability

No reason needed anymore
Severely tortured death becomes the order of the day
No conscience needed anymore
Shadows of the blanked past has painted the smiles away


  1. Some fantastic lines out there...
    The last few lines are simply excellent!! :)

    Collapse of every ideology like grains of sand.
    Loved this line too...

    Everything written here makes me feel that this is what might happen a few years down the line... Sigh!
    I wish it should not happen, I pray!

  2. Awesome......its striking in its stark reality!

    ur choice of words and expressions deals a blow to the reader wid every line! sort wrenches dem back frm da "matrix" dat dey live in, to the real world around!

    magnificently done! as always am overawed by it! \m/


  3. Fantastic bro :) superb choice of words...\m/

  4. Aarthi : Thanks for your kind feedback. Glad you liked it. Well I dont know for sure where we are heading in the near future , but this poem is about total annihilation in the distant future. Well thats ofcourse if we believe that time is itself is non linear. :)

    @Maverick : Thanks buddy for yet another gracious appreciation of my work. I guess we both have the same feeling about the matrix reality where people are stuck badly,.. cuz the actual reality is far more stranger than imagination. Thats the problem with fiction - it has to make sense. While reality , truth or whatever you like to call it will never make sense to the human mind.Thanks again ! :)

    @PurpleHaze : Thanks for your feedback ! Glad you liked it !


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