August 1, 2009

A DreaM DaTe..!!

Remembering the most beautiful day of my life with my girl..

A n a N y A

Imagine your first date with the girl you love the most on St.Valentines Day itself,you people will say "What's so special in that,a million would have a date like that?" Well try to imagine this - Your first date with the girl you love the most on St.Valentines day,Your girl crossing a thousand Kms for the date,Spending the day with you and returning back the very same day,6 hours of togetherness with a promise of a lifetime,all of this when you meet each other for the very First time..!!

Confused? Try reading out the tale of love..

Ananya and I became friends through a mutual friend,who did nothing good till date but one thing - he was a medium set up by God himself to make us meet.She's from Delhi and i'm from Nagpur,a thousand miles apart.From sharing jokes online to Pj's through sms I tried everything to impress her,to get her attention.Hell,I got it!I proposed to her on 21st Nov,after a long session of leg pulling she said a "YES!"And here we were,in a soulful pact with each other,a pact to give each other all the happiness and love.The flames of love started burning bright.The cupid had struct and he made us fall madly in love with each other.A love free from every selfish need.We never saw each other,We never met each other!Still we fell in love!Soon the mobile network "Airtel" found half of it's revenue coming from us with the phone calls never coming to end.People around wondering if we both were planning to build a nuclear weapon togetherly by talking so intensly for hours.It went on and on until it was two and half months.

The fire was burning inside.The fire to see each other,meet each other.But how?

Moreover Valentines day was coming over,we had to be together in some way.For others God may find the way,for us she did!She decided to come.She booked a ticket for Nagpur.She had nobody in Nagpur but just me,still she decided to come trusting me with everything.I was flatterred and all in love with her again.Here it was 'Our first date on St.Valentines day itself,The dream date'.I'll be watching her for the first time,i'll be meeting her for the first time.For a moment i felt like a 5 year old going to get wet in the rain for the first time.Yes'it was the rain of my life.The rain of love..

"I've to make it special for her",I spoke to my heart.

With her favourite Orchids and carnations in my hand I went to the airport.I was damn nervous,I could feel the shiver in my legs.I think when love is in the air everybody can feel it and that's what happened to me throughout the day.A man looking at me said to me watching the flowers in my hands,"Girlfriend?,Valentines day?".I said,"Yeah,how do you now ?".He replied back,"I can see it on your face".
Back their in the flight my princess was receiving tips to relax from a fellow lady sitting besides her who could see her nervous too.

She came.She conquered.She became the queen of my life just in one moment when she came out of the airport.My jaw dropped as i was watching the most beautiful girl ever.She came and I gave her the flowers asking her trying to make a conversation,"How are the flowers?"."Beautiful",she said blushing away bringing the colour of love on her cheeks."Has to be,they are for a beautiful girl",I said still stunned at her beauty.

She sat on my bike keeping her hand on my shoulders(She had to otherwise she was too nervous to do that).I took her to a nearby CCD where I had made a arrangement for a table.I made her see a note of love i had written for her on a board featuring messages by lovers as a surprise.I gave a her big card with poems written by me on everyside of it below her photo i had pasted in it.She had tears in her eyes as she read -

"Oceans deep and long,
affection soothing and warm,
In this fill of liar,
your truth I admire,
Innocence of a child,
Stength opf the wild,
Naughtyness the spice,
Is what i see in your eyes..!!"

A few lines completely describing her.

The manager of the cafe was a friend of mine,I convinced him to play songs of my choice(Ofcourse they were all her favourites).As the song "Dilko tumse Pyaar Hua" started playing,I started singing it for her holding her soft hand in my hands.People around us stopped doing everything just to watch us getting lost in each other.A group of school guys and girls looked in and smiled as i kissed her on her cheeks after the song.I kept telling her how beautiful she I found her,how much crazily I was in love with her.Our eyes met for a second then looked down making us more nervous again and again.The house was on fire with the flames of love burning brightly and everybody tried becoming a witness to it.

We came out of there.She sat on my bike again,it was more special because she had never been on a bike with anyone before.We saw some "Shiv sena" people trying to stop us.But I guess Shiv Sena too recognises pure love.They let us go without saying anything.We roamed around the whole day until it was time for her to go back again.
She boarded the flight.We had tears of joy for we realised we were soulmates now.My cell beeped as i saw the text message from her -

"Lifetime membership confirmed.Thanks for coming in my life.I love you baby"

I smiled to myself feeling even more in love with her.

It has been nearly 2 years now,but still every moment of that day is every fresh in me.For i was born again on that day,born again to love to get love.

That is surely the best day of my life,My dream date!

Her love is eternal and pure and so is she!

I love you baby!

Wanna be with you all my life!


  1. awwwww..... this is the sweetest love story i have ever read! honestly!


    i pray that u guys grow stronger and stronger with each passing day!

    take care

    PS: i couldn't help but smile throughout the post! (:

  2. heyy AmaR!!!!
    i dont have words!!!
    that was absolutely lovely!!!!!

    The way you've actually gone about talking about that special dayy... i could visualize how awesome it must've beenn!

    Hope god give u both all the happiness!!!

    God bless!

  3. OH mY GOD!!!

    This brought tears of Joy in y eyes!!

    God Bless you Guys!!

    Keep loving !!

  4. Hey Amar,

    This is such a sweet post yaa... simple yet superbly put across! :D

    :) Wish you both years of togetherness, happiness and lots of love! :)

  5. oh my gawd...oh my gawd
    i so so hate so so J

    god bless yu amar...god bless yu bhabi...

  6. Thanks a load guys..Thanks a ton for your wishes..It's just a small attempt of telling everyone how special she makes my life..;-)..

  7. amar this was the perfect love story
    gr8 yaar
    u are very lucky to have that girl in ur life

    best of luck to both of u for ur future.

    "raho sada khush ,
    na mile kabhi koi gam,
    pyar karo itna ek dusare se ki,
    khuda bhi chale tumhare sang ."

    this four lines for both of u from my side
    i hope u liked them

  8. Thanks a lot chirag..I loved your lines..It's really sweet of you..:-)

  9. wow... so romantic n cute mate...
    the way u have described ur meet... lovely
    I wish ur love lats forever dude... enjoy...

  10. btw, is that pic.. ur's?? ;)

  11. god bless both of u..may u've a wonderful life ahead of u..:)

  12. @princess..Yup..That's us..On that first date..;-)..
    @the bard..Thanks bro..:-)..

  13. Aww.. So beautiful pic.. I like ur GF's hair! So Glossy :)

  14. this was such sweet !! just ... very sweet :) God bless ya both !!

  15. The more wishes we get..The more i fall in love with her..;-)..


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