July 25, 2009

What's wrong??? Stressed I am!!!

Stressed I am.. every minute and second of the day,

How do I get away from it??

I feel so depressed and tired of it and I don't sleep,

though my eyes are so heavy with sleep.

I know everyone wants to ask me, why i look so so sad

But, they know the answer and keeps their mouth shut..

Every morning I wake up with feel of hopeless,

I am afraid that nothing is going to be right!

The feeling is killing me...

and I am dying here!


  1. if it was just a fantasy...then i must say its very nicely written..!!!

    but then if its real...then dear...dont worry everything will be normal very soon..!!

  2. Hmmm... tc... :)
    If it's real.

    But I agree with Yamini, if it was fiction, it was great!

  3. as i have already said..
    I'll pray that everything turns out grt for you...
    n nice poem btw... :-)

  4. poem or not.. i wanna see u smiling again dear... :)

  5. dun wori....just shake it off gal
    btw the pic in the lady looks kewl...
    wats her number?? :P

  6. @Fl : ROFL! :D Now, that made me laugh!


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