July 25, 2009

Where are WE....

Last night, I had said or rather challenged a Tweend (Twitter Friend) of mine that when I come next time to blogger I'll prove who is more romantic. But truly speaking am nothing compared to him. So I dedicate this post to my friend Nabeel aka Softykid.

I want to sleep tonight
As I don't have anything to do

Am drinking again
Coz you are gone And it seems so long ago
When you were next to the starbucks store
Where am I
And where are you.

I don't like the drum beats

They make my head swing
I have nothing else left
Coz I've given everything away

When you were here

Next to the store even
With your flaming heart
And my mind was full

Of love for you.

Say to me my heart

What made you

Walk the street

When you bought that

Two sitter car;

One for you, the other for your driver.
And now where should I be
When you are not next to me.

My heart was full of love
A key to liveliness

Am spending too much time

Near the foolish lifeless pool
And it seems so long ago

When you were next to the store
Where am I
And where are you?

N.B. This is actually a song by me.


  1. Cute poem... neo-love... :-)
    sweet romance in starbucks...

  2. =P
    actually it should have been SawBucks =D

  3. al emotion r so cutely placed...nice

  4. gimme a tune and i will sing it

    very nice!

  5. wish i had an answer..."Where am I
    And where are you?"..

    felt a lil sad at places..:(


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