July 22, 2009

The tunes of love..

To the love of my life...

A n a N y A

A guitar in one hand ,a book in other..
A joke on my lips as i move furthur..

Am i your prince charming..?
Am i your man..?
Don't say 'No'..
Becauce i know i am..

I want you to be close,
I want you to be near..
Just hold me tight,
and there'll be no fear..

If you feel alone,
Listen to me,just hold my hand..
Your loneliness will go away..
It'll start slipping like sand..

Whenever you miss me,
See me as you close you eyes..
You'll feel me all around,
As you look at the skies..

I know you love music,
You love the beat..
I'll tell it in your way,
I promise i'll not cheat..

"When you love a song,
You just go into the flow..
You ignore the darkness,
You just look at the glow.."

We may have a dark day,
We may have a dark time..
Groove in to the music of love,
It'll sound like a elegant wind chime..

For i love you the most,
You still make my heart skip a beat..
The tunes of love will flow through my heart,
Always making a new lovely musical feat..

Will love you always sweetheart...!!

I love you..!!


  1. this can be made into a song...damn good lyrics

  2. aww.. can you please please sing it and post it here ?? i just felt like hearing it rather than reading !

  3. i guess amar u posted the comment in Sam's post instead of here ;)

  4. @freelanceIr..Great idea..I'll try singing it for her today..;-)..
    @PS..I'm too much in love to notice anything right now..Hell i love her so much..:-)
    thanks for you comments guys..:-)

  5. Yeah it could really be made in to a song... a chorus would be nice though :)

  6. lovely write Amar...
    Ananya is very lucky for the way u luv her... :-)

  7. One of the best things in the world is to cimply pick up a guitara nd make a song for your loved one..!

    and this just brings out beautifully..

    well done..! :-)

  8. @Roshwrites & @ Rush_me
    ..Looks like i really need to make it into a song now..She would love it too..:-)..

    @Arun kumar & @ The bard
    ..Thanks a lot guys..Bless us with your wishes..:-)..


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