July 2, 2009

The Shock

"hey rocker,sun life sucks man," Neil said to Vijay.
Vijay was a retired chartered accountant who worked hard to support his family. His wife died when his daughter was born.

'Fuck off man, you lazy old fella,look at me,"Vijay replied.
"Get some chicks man,you old ass," he added.

"Dude,me not interested,I've had enough of them during my youth,"Neil replied.
"You fool,loser," Vijay said .

Neil was a sinister during his early 20's .He was a spoiled person.He enjoyed life as much as he could.He never really cared for his daughter.He was least bothered about her. He was unaware of his daughters daily routine.He lived for himself.He used to give her the required pocket money.Life was not miserable for him.

"What do you want me to do?," Neil anxiously asked.
"I've got a chick man,call her man and enjoy,"Vijay said.
Vijay soon handed over the girls number to his friend.
After few hours Neil called the girl.
"Hey, is this Trish," Neil asked the person.
"Yes,do you want my service Sir," she said.
"Yes,come to this place," He gave him his friends address.
"Ohk sir,what about the rates?," she asked him.
"Whatever you say?,"he replied.

They were going to meet each other at 9 pm.
Neil was waiting for the girl at his friends place. He soon got fresh and ready for the girl.

The girl rang the door. Neil opened the door and a big shock awaited him.
"Dad,what the hell are you doing here?," she was embarassed.

Neil was shocked and could not believe that his daughter was a call girl.
He felt ashamed and could not sleep the same night.

The next day when the neighbours knocked his door, they could see Neil hanging on his ceiling fan. Neil was shocked and could not accept this fact. This eventually led to his death.

PS: This is a real life incident narrated by my friend


  1. If this is real life incident then the plight of the daughter would be really bad !!

  2. Its pretty common. Anyways, nice write :)

    Goodmorning :)

  3. ewwww... real lfe stories are more dramatic than fiction...

  4. Oh shoot!

    Argghh! I am feeling so ewww after reading this! Sorry for Neil!


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