July 2, 2009

Red Rose

My favourite colour is Red. Let me explain why.
Sanjay stood on the doorstep, his heart going thump, thump. Thump, thump. He was frightened, and his trembling knees clearly showed that. The fact it was freezing cold also made Sanjay all the more scared. If you looked closely, you could see that is face was white from the cold breeze, which was blowing softly on to Sanjay's face. He turned around to face the gate behind him. I can't do this, he whispered. I just can't.
Suddenly, the door opened. "Is that you, Sanjay?" Rani asked softly, in her beautiful clear princessy voice. Sanjay's fists clenched together in worry. "Yes. But don't worry, I'll go now-
"Why are you here?" Rani whispered. Sanjay paused, and Rani could see the look in his eyes was of fright. "Has something happened?" she asked.
"No. No, it's nnothhing." Sanjay said, his words a jumble. Rani smiled. "It's something. If it wasn't, why would you be here? I mean, we are in the same university class... do you need help with course work or something?" she asked.
"No! Oh, it's nothing. I'll be off." Sanjay said, stuttering. "Please tell me." Rani said in a sweet voice. Sanjay was so moved that he decided to tell her. "I want to marry you." Sanjay said. He paused, while Rani listened. "I want to marry you, ok? It's been my dream for a long time... but why would a pretty girl like you marry someone ugly like me?" he said, close to tears.
"Firstly, Sanjay, you're not ugly. And secondly, yes, I'll marry you." said Rani, her hands holding Sanjay's hands tightly.
The big day had arrived, and gone! The wedding had been a success, with Rani looking beautiful and Sanjay looking handsome in his black suit. Now they were entering Sanjay's house, holding hands. On the doorstep, was a red rose. "Hey! A beautiful red rose... it's welcoming us together in the house! Red's my favourite colour now!" Rani smiled, showing off her pearly white teeth.
And if it's Rani's favourite colour, it's mine too! The red rose was a sign we would be together always, and now, at 76 and 77, well, we have been together always.
Hey guys! This is my entry for the "Red Contest"! Hope
you enjoyed reading!


  1. Its nice Rosh. I liked the way how you have taken it further till oldage. That's a sign of eternal love, but I guess you could have wrapped it up a little better. Seems you were in a hurry when you typed it.

    Nevertheless, its cool :)

    SMILES :)

  2. Cute write rosh... nice entry for the contest...

  3. @Ilashree Goswami- thanks! I will take in to consideration your point to wrap it up better next time! Thanks for the advice :)
    @Aarthi- thanks :)
    @Arun Kumar- thanks a lot =D


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