July 2, 2009

A sensitive poet - An artistic butcher

Liz opened the door. Jason stood outside, still and cold.

" So, Is it the Rose or the Serpent ? "

Liz couldn't decipher what Jason what referring to. Happens everytime when Jason talks poetic. But this time his expression was cold, His words non-romantic.
" J, just come in. You are soaking out there. "

Jason stepped into the house and bolted the door behind him. His hands... his shirt... his face... everything... Red... Liz took a step back in horror. The ever so lovely, always romantic, ceaselessly smiling Jason coated in red... Blood.

In a snap second, organising her thoughts and blending her sins, She understood. 'He Knows'. She guessed where he had been and what he had done. She also realized why he was here.

Regardless she asked, " Is HE dead ? ". Her voice was quivering.

He answered was cold as him. " Humans die when you sever their torso, divorce their vital organs and drain them off their blood ". His answer made her motionless. She couldn't even begin to imagine what Jason had did to HIM.

She, "How long you've known this J ?"
Jason, "Long enough". He smiled, tilting his face.

She sensed what he was going to do next. Yet, remained speechless.
He spoke.

" I loved you... The only way I knew of loving. Impulsive, spirited and passionate. You were MY ROSE, the essence to my survival. I gripped the rose tightly with both my hands and cradled you in my heart. But... The she-rose enticed a serpent into my flower bed. The rose was gripped secure. So, when he plucked you out of my hands, the thorns ripped up my skin.... blood... blood.... blood... everywhere over my hands, over my body. But I couldn't feel any pain. I was just NUMB. I've been numb for over a month now, calm and unperturbed by your betrayal."

" I wanted to feel again... Feel something, anything, everything... Anger, Fury, Power, Violence... Just to be assured... I'm still alive. It gave me such a high and gratification killing HIM. I expect pleasure, none the less of you... My precious beloved "

Liz, " J, I still love you. "
Jason mocked, " Its time our love ceased to exist. You killed it a long time ago and slept over its coffin "
Liz, " J, just be still and think of all the... everything... we had... please Jason... I beg you. "
He gave a cold wry smile.
Liz pleaded, " Please J. I truly love you... Still..." she broke off...

She continued, "I nearly died when I heard you were in an accident last year..."

Jason, " Nearly dying changes nothing, Dying changes everything. Now...It's time you started shivering dear..."

P.S. - My post for the Theme 'Red'.

Arun Kumar - My Life As I Know It


  1. Wow!! Simply fabulous!

    so loved it... loved the whole thought behind this post!

    The narration was superb! This has come out flawless! Great write bro!

  2. @artz
    thank u so much aarthi...
    as usual so generous with ur appreciation... :-)

  3. OMFG.
    The BEST bloody story I have read so far! Too good. And specially the use of words. You weaved it flawlessly!

    All the best!

  4. @shruti
    thank u very much... :-)
    u just made my day...


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