July 17, 2009

News Coverage - Birthday@Lounge

# Mumbai Times contacted Ste for a tete-a-tete seesion. They wanted to interview him and share some insights on what went behind the creation of this masterpiece and his thoughts on his fellow bloggers. Little did they know of what lay ahead ;-P. Read on!!

Reporter: Hi Sir. This is Sachin from Mumbai Times.
Ste: Aila! Sachin. Sachin Tendulkar or Sachin Waghmare?? Ha ha ha. Call me Ste.
Reporter: Sachin Marathe Sir. Oops, sorry...Ste.
Ste: Suber! Yey yey yey!
Reporter: Ste! Everything fine?
Ste: Ya ya! Just celebrating. It's lounge's birthday today.
*Springs up and does a pelvic thrust. Reporter is visibly amused and impressed at the same time to see this man's dedication and involvement*
Reporter: So how has the last year been with all fellow loungers?
Ste: Terrific. When I first started having fun with Arjun....
Reporter: Arjun from Bangalore?
Ste: No re! Arjun from the Mahabharata. The great archer. He is a fellow lounger and gives archery tips. Its an honour to have him here with us. A very good friend of mine. The oldest here.
*Reporter looks around to check if Ste has been consuming liquor and is out of his senses*
Ste: And yaa...what are we without Sandeep...he is one who starts off the mayhem...
Reporter: Sandeep Balan....yaa, I know.
Ste: Idiot!! Sandeep Patil. The batsman. I often meet him and bowl him out with my yorkers. And then I thrash him all around the park. And he starts crying on the lounge and starts the mayhem.
*Reporter looks at Ste in a state of shock*
Ste: And Pratibha is really the queen...
Reporter: Pratibha Sofat right?
Ste: Idiot! Pratibha Patil. Queen of our country. She is a good friend of mine and a fellow lounger.
*Reporter on the verge of a breakdown*
Ste: And have I told you about Christopher?
Reporter: Christopher Poshin David?
Ste: OMG!! No you moron! Christopher Columbus. He discovered America and on the way back discovered Writers Lounge as well. He has been with us ever since.
*Reporter collapses*
Ste: Oops. Was he not briefed about my contacts and the lounge? Aiyo! Kadavulle!!
*Ste's secretary walks in, glances at the reporter lying unconcious besides, and looks back at Ste*
Secretary: Sir. Your routine check up with Navjeevan Psychiatric Counselling Center has been fixed for 11 am tomorrow. Thanks.


  1. roflmao
    OMG...its awesome........lols

  2. @mridu

    he he he....thanx...i have mastered the art of battering ste...how could i leave him this birthday?? he he he :-) :-) :-)

  3. lol..lol..lol..
    can't seem to stop laughing...
    Narjeevan Psychiatric Counselling??? lols...he even has a secretary...lols

  4. he he...yaa...did i tell you the name is steFUN :-P

  5. yaa....i had to break this news here today...Ste does have a secretary....lucky man! :-) :-)

  6. now all seems normal at lounge !!!

  7. LOL!! :D

    seems lik old days wid twin pullin ste's leg n ste idiot tellin ppl who comment not to laugh at him!! hehe :D

    Happy b'day WL!!!:)

  8. hilarious dude..
    feelin sorry for the reporter...
    he must have met ste before he took his daily meds..

  9. Lolz! Kya baat hai ste.. itna sab kuch pata lag raha hai tere baare main.. !

  10. hahahah.... ROFL..!!

    funny funny n funny .. :P :P

    Superb Sandeep


  11. @prats

    everything was normal...as always...just that we got busy with our lives :-)

    maaro maaro :-) :-)

  12. @twin

    yup...maaro maaro...steFUN ko maaro...

    old days are back pri....waiting fr you to get back after your fair n lovely stint n target achievement :-)

  13. @arun

    wow...genius...you got it bang on!! wow...i am glad the story was able to convey that :-)

  14. @hashan

    he he...thanx partner in crime...maaro maaro :-)

    let the mayhem begin

  15. @thoorika

    watch out for more...aur bahut pata chalega :-) he he

  16. @arjun

    he he...yaa bro...let the mayhem begin :-)


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