July 17, 2009

A hi from a confused Indian

Hey there, this is my first post at TWL, so Ste suggested it be an intro piece. First of all, congrats to you guys for completing a year. This site is a great concept for all of us who have an itch to write. And now to the intro part. I am a journalist with a national channel in Mumbai. I am a Tamil girl by birth, but I have never lived in TN. In fact no one in generations in our family has. We are a breed called the Kerala Iyers, Tamils who had settled in Kerala long, long ago. But well, Kerala was just the janmabhoomi for my father. He settled with a job in Gujarat and that's where I have lived most of my life. But I guess the pack and move bug is in my family's DNA and that is why I ended up studying and working in Maharashtra.

That brings me to my current predicament - a birth certificate from Kerala, a voter ID and licence from Gujarat and a passport from Maharashtra. In earlier days I could say that I am an example of national integration. But in these days of regional politics, I am an outsider everywhere (and there are many like me). No politician worth his/her salt will ever stand up for rights of 'outsiders' and confused Indians like us. We are the ones the Raj Thackerays and Karunanidhis of the world warn the sons of the soil against. We are the ones who so to say spoil the ethnic identity of a particular state. We - the stateless people. Would like to hear what you guys out there think about this unique identity crisis :-)

I blog generally on semi-political topics, (which explains the tone of the intro:-) have a bit of a feminist streak at times and sometimes rave/rant about day to day life. I like Bollywood music, love singing, love the guitar, trying my hand at fiction, off-beat movies and of course blogging. Thanks for welcoming me to the family :-)


  1. hey .. welcome here ... it will be interesting to read your posts !! looking forward to them :)

  2. Welcome!! I'm roshwrites, but call me Rosh! Can you speak Gujarati?

  3. heya

    welcome home kajall....u knw the name kajal is associated with lounge since long..nd ur the 2nd kajal here cilla

  4. u have an unique identity crisis???
    U HAV AN UNIQUE IDENTITY... thats what it is... u r like the remedy to the regionalistic India...

    n yes, welcome to the lounge Kajal The Second...

  5. T hat was a nice intro.. :)Welcome Kajal... :) Glad to have another Kajal here :D

  6. Lolz! Welcome!!! Identity crisis!? Happens.. you are not alone!! dont worry.. ! Hav fun!! :)

  7. Hey all thanks for the welcome...and yes I know Gujarati, in fact I can read and write it whereas I cant write Tamil and Malayalam :-)

  8. hey kajal II

    welcome to the lounge...welcome to our family :-)

    and yaa...you have tough competition when it comes to being the most confused indian of the lounge :-)...birth certificate from kerala, primary school certificates from mumbai, secondary school certificates from assam, board certificates and driving license from gujarat, engg degree from pune, MBA from delhi, posted in rajasthan for cross functional training, and now finally posted at mumbai....life has come a full circle :-)...and its here i met ste and found the writers lounge...

    even i cant read n write malayalam, while i can do both in gujarati :-)

    cheers!! you will meet many like minded souls here kajal...welcome...keep rocking!


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