July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday WL

A new meeting place...
A place to make new friends...
A friendship that adds inspiration,
An inspiration that gives the feeling of home...
A new home in blogsville...

Writers Lounge...

Happy Birthday to WL :)

Ste, Sandeep, Asbah, Prats, RV, Vinay and to all my many friends here in WL, Thanks for all your welcome and support to this newbie here...

We Read, We Write, We Lounge :)


  1. Welcome to TWL Arv! Glad to have you here... :)

    Thanks for the wishes...

    Happy Birthday to TWL...

    Yays! :)

  2. Arv ,, I have not read you since i left blogs last month .. but i still remmemeber your 55 fictions and your first acrostic :) ! Thansk for mentioning my name among your friends :) Glad !! will be reading a lot here ... so hope you will oblige me with lots of wonderful words :)

  3. wow.. lovely..!! :) :)

    Nice to have u here... :)


  4. welcome....overwhelmed to see the response :)

    love ya all loungers

  5. yay... happy b'day to WL from me too...
    love ur writes man... especially the first one.. Complicated thought on a simple life..


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