July 17, 2009

Her family! : )

“Damn” She sits up on her bed, cursing her sleep, which was nowhere near her. She looks at the clock ticking away happily and curses her sleep again.

Bloody hell! Its 2 o clock! I really need to grab some sleep soon.

Finally at 3 , she gives up and sits up again. Wondering what to do, she switches on her computer. Immediately she clicks on her “favourite” list. The list of her favourite’s blog comes up. Reading blogs has always cheered her up, as she believes that blogging is one of the really good things that has happened to her. She clicks on Writers Lounge and a smile plays on her face. But at the same time, guilt empowers her too. She knows that she has not contributed much towards her newly found family. But it was not intentional too. Things are not turning out so well for her off late. And Writers block is her best friend for now. But then, she realizes that she has to do something about it. She still remembers how happily Ste, RJ and Leo invited her to Writers Lounge. She also remembers how the lively comments from everyone in the lounge encouraged her. She notices that everyone is busy having fun celebrating THEIR birthday. And she realizes that it’s her birthday too. How?! Cos she is also a part of this beautiful family.

So here am I, Wishing each and every member “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!!!

Sorry for not commenting and reading everyone’s posts or updating any new post!! Hope it won’t be the same for me from now.

Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. oh! loungers never complain for the writes .. but they do miss the loungers !! well written gal ! hope you been doing good :)

    - Prats

  2. writers block is temporary thoorika...i am kinda on a writing spree....though my blogs are in a coma lol

  3. here's me hopin u get rid of that new best friend of urs... n dump him like he ought to be...
    n get back to writing 55ers in no time...

  4. :) :) lovely write da thoorz..!!

    it was kind of similar to wat i'm goin through..!!

    nariya yeladungo.. hehe :P


  5. ..beautiful..!!...leave all ur probs in ur backyards...n just rockkkk...:)

  6. My writers block is jus not leaving me :) Your blogs are going to curse you FL.. :D Get them out of coma!

  7. Hey FL you in chennai?! will give u a call soon!

  8. Happy Birthday to you too Prakash! :)


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