July 17, 2009

Happy B'day To My Dearest Loungie!!!

Guys and girls, today's a very very important day! The place we've all lounged at is now 1! I would like to say thanks to the founders and admins for making such a fantastic place where we "read, write and lounge!"
I have made sooo many friends at the lounge (too many to mention!) but Tan, Aarthi, Freelancer, Leo, Ste, Prats, Sonshu, Kings, Arun, Riya, Pulkit, Nuchu, Arjun (btw, I know what Lage Raho means now =D) & Miss Sunshine are some of my special friends. Still waiting for Uncle Sandeep (the guru, as Mum calls him)... :) :) :)
Have you noticed how quickly time flies when you're on our lounge? Reading all the wonderful poems, stories and interesting stuff... wow you guys are amazing writers!

Hmmm... me running out of time (gotta go school!) but IT'S MY LAST DAY TODAY, I DON'T HAVE TO GO BACK FOR 6 WEEKS!!!

Me and my mum having a coca-cola n raising a toast! Here's a toast to the Writer's Lounge!


  1. love ya dearie .. d sweet rosh :)

  2. aw kiddo...lols....sandeep uncle??? hahaha

    kewl...lage raho eh?? i mite teach yu a few too...but sona wil blast me out of orbit.. :P

  3. Sweetest post of all! :)

    Thanks for the mention my li'l one! :D

    Love ya!

  4. nice one dear

    it was nice to see my name here :)

  5. woww

    happy bday .....
    we love this place for sure

  6. we love u too Rosh...
    have a lovely stay in India.. n'joy ur hols...


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