July 17, 2009

Happy B'day To Lounge!!! Loop Poetry

Hey everyone! I'm following in the footsteps of Prats, Freelancer and everyone else who has done a loop poem recently! I'm trying out a loop poem now! My first attempt:

The lounge is turning 1,
1 fabulous year it was,
Was it not amazing,
Amazing like the Earth,
Earth which has a lot of people,
People who love the Writer's Lounge,
Lounge where people read and write,
Write to their heart's content,
Content which is very well written,
Written with love and care.

Well this is my 2nd post today to wish the Lounge an extremely happy birthday! The lounge seems back to normal today on TWL's b'day and you know what? I wish it was TWL birthday everyday! Many more b'days of the lounge are to come!


  1. awesome write kiddo...
    kip it coming
    have a nice vacation in India

  2. cute loops rosh..
    swwet dedication to the lounge

  3. this wa sso very well done rosh !! liked it verry much :)

  4. @FL- thanks... holiday in 1 week time :)
    @Arun Kumar- Thank you =D
    @Princess Nuchu- thanks for reading!!
    @Prats- Glad you liked it! I love your loop poetry :)
    @Vidisha- thank you :)
    @Bard- Not my b'day... but I know what you mean :) Me too wishes the lounge happy birthday!
    @Purple Haze- Thank you =D


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