July 17, 2009

Oops..lil late !!

Then I am late again,as usual.yeh Hashan kabhi nahi sudhrega,yarr main agar sudhar gaya toh Hashan nahi rahunga na..naam change karna padega.yeah.. most probably thats why I changed my pen name..But no use,anyways I just siped coke ,raised a toast..I am happy today...all are here all are celebrating...Missing Asbi..wish you were here Asbi...

I was lost
I thought i want nobody
I'm better off alone
I’ve been singing alone
But there was no shelter to crawl under
Ever gonna save me from any storm
I found a family
I found myself
we are one year old
But feels like we are together
Since I discovered my existence on earth!!

Happy Birthday Lounge!
Happy Birthday Loungers!!

cheese !!( still sipping coke but mixed lil rum on it)


  1. i knew you won't have a clean coke :P !! better late than never :P

  2. All my pleasure mates :)


    lols :D :D

  3. cm to b'lore FL...I am wearing a sweater right now...its very cold out here :)

  4. Ouch the pic looks painful :O Candles in fingers :O Good one!!


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