June 23, 2009


Dear all,
Read the story here to relate to the posting:

Excerpt from Nishu’s diary..As I read,he sings this song in the background...

…..When I saw her last year for the first time, and before I proposed marriage to her, I had asked her these questions……She had answered so well that I thought that we would be together even beyond eternity!!..And now…
What is that you think of me as a person?
What do you except from me as a person?
How do you want the relation to end up?
What makes you think that I am the best person for (3)?
What do you think I want of you?
What is the best you have felt about me till now?
What is the worst that you have felt about me till now?
How will your family/friends react to this?
What are the things you want me to change?

What was your feeling before and after the nine questions?

Over to the work..A reflection that the BARD as Nishu told him his and her answers….

If you remember, on this day, a year ago
had struck on both of us, CUPID’s arrow.
Though we knew that we had become inseparable
all that I remember was that it was a day memorable.

If you remember, on this day, a year ago
we decided that we allow our relation to grow.
As we decided that we give each other felicity
prepared we were to face any sort of adversity.

If you remember, on this day, a year ago
overtime, we decided to be bound by a vow
that one day, the aisle, we would go on to walk
by mutually agreeing upon plans that we would chalk.

If you remember, on this day, a year ago
slowly and steadily, thought that we would know.
But by then, each other, we had met and seen
and so knew that life had to begun with a slate clean.

If you remember, on this day, a year ago
from my quill, works would just go onto flow.
You had become someone much more than a muse
whom I didn’t want to, at any cost, go to loose.

If you remember, on this day, a year ago
little did I know that I would hit such a low
that my company, you would think to ditch
and leaving me to wonder, where was the glitch.


  1. That was a wonderful poem bro.. sad ending :(

  2. wow... nice poem bard...
    n once again i like ur rhyming words man... u r good in tat...

  3. Good write... yeah the rhyming is great!

  4. good post....in fact great post...!!!
    but sad ending...was not expected..!!!

    nice rhyme friend..!!!

  5. @ALL OF YOU..
    thanks 4 d read!!..well,my writes wud be a 'googly' of sorts!!..so be prepared 4 it!!


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