June 23, 2009

Why?? Trust me I DO NOT need an answer!! ;)

Hey guys,

I am back with a post... but a very small one!
A few days back, I WAS someone who was scared of talking to someone new, I always thought - What will he/she think about me?

But today, I have been able to conquer this worst fear of mine!!

Ever wondered, how a 'stranger' suddenly means a lot to you? How, even a single fight with him/her, brings tears to your eyes? How, in his/her smiles, lies your happiness? And how you wish that this beautiful journey never ends!

Sometimes you wait for him/her to come online... for him/her to call you up!

Life is so unpredictable, isn't it? You do everything sometimes to make a particular relationship work and sometimes, perhaps nothing...and this relationship becomes the one that gives you so much of happiness! :)

Cherish every person who comes into your life... Doubt less! I do not mean that you should trust everyone coming into your life... but yes, take your time and give your impulses the permission to act the way they want to! Trust me, you'll never regret your decision!
And who knows... you might find your bestest friend in him/her... just the way I did! ;)

P.S.: Thanks for listening to my blah blah blah! :P


  1. nt fair....bolna padega...but i think i know him

  2. Rashi misses someone...
    U've found someone...
    he he... seems everyone is havin a great time.. N'joy...
    n a few days back u were scared of talkin to someone new.. he he... cant believe tat....

  3. Aarthi you are right, sometimes you can make new friends so easily!

  4. So true....
    Live life the easy way with no expectation....
    and life will surely award you with nice surprises......

    All the best.... :)

  5. wow thats so true ...i love this post as i cd so relate to a phase of not making friends

    but thanks to WL i learnt to come out of it :)

    Love the post :)

  6. cud relate 2 it somehow...but it takes 2 hands 2 clap ri8??


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