June 23, 2009

The Girlfriend's Happiness !

The girlfriend's happiness is one of the most baffling puzzles known to boys.Noboby knows where it's source is or where can you search for it.Its a maze.If you are lucky you do bring happiness for your girlfriend sometimes, but then you wonder "ooh my god, how did this happen? " What did i exactly do? Do we have a logic over here?

The girlfriend's happiness is like a maze. Its a Chakravyuha for boys.They sometimes battle out all the odds against them and reach inside that. But then they dont know the way out. They dont know how to go out and come inside again.To make the matter worse, the happiness thing is a function of time as well as space. If you keep doing the same thing again and again in the same place, you wont find it.Would a girl feel happy if the boy take her out to the same restaurant and get her the same flower every friday night after the office? NO! Thats why the boys need to enter the Chakravyuha, steal away the happiness thing and get away from that space into a different arena.

Now there are two kinds of happiness for girlfriends-real and fake.what is real and what is fake? Thats a new maze. Having a girlfriend is like getting boozed up and going on a car ride on some highway with no planned destination.Happiness is like an accident that happens. Thats why you have no clue when yr friends ask you tips for keeping yr girlfriend happy. Its like the questions that police ask you for a statement after you are admitted to the hospital.

How did it happen?

I dont know? I was just driving and then suddenly i lost control and the car ride became bumpy and then i dont remember anything....

I wish you all a very very happy ride with yr girlfriend.


  1. nice writtn but I think grlfrndz r not so complicated as u hv potrait...fact is tht u guys hv so mch complication within urslf tht u tnd to find thm complicated..

  2. orangy tera na kuch nahi ho sakta LOL :P ....yeh soch ke chal fir to tu hi complicated ho jayega .......so chillax and ur philosophizing stage is cool man

    nice post :-)

  3. i know dude...thanx fr the best wishes...lol

  4. lols dude... funny write...
    n i loooooved the metaphor with the car ride n accident thing... am gonna steal it... :-D

  5. he he...

    Funny one!I think most of the guys can relate to it...

    Were you thinking about this post on 20/6/09???????????????

    [I Hope you get what I mean...]


  6. in fact a nice post...funny and good.!!

    but dear, girl friends are not that tricky...!!!

    find a better one....u will see ur life turn to be the best...!!!


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