June 21, 2009


Dear all,
This poem had been written a couple of months back for a specific reason, but the narration is what happened just a few hours back when I met some friends. Since wont be able to put the work on that day, as per the rules of the lounge, thought of doing it today itself. I’ve done the translation as usual as its in TULU language.
LOCATION: Manu’s “room” at Madivala, Bangalore, TODAY!!

M-nishuna kathe kenaga bejaar apundya..daayag aayane ee lethe? (Nishu’s story is really sad.why did you call him?)
C-Meet malth mast dina aandata..yank ayana divorce bagee yerla panthijii..(I hadn’t met him for long. And none had told me about the divorce)
M-hmmm..tula..ayaa bathe..kaidu kapp totte undu..ait daade undu gotunda nik?? (hmmm,se..he has come..and in his hand, there is a black cover…do you know whats in that?)
C-gotundya..3 glasses korle! (I know.give me 3 glasses!)
M-yank bodchi..ithe ninna blogging aandata?..(I don’t want. You are through with your blogging right?)
C-yan aand..(Iam done)..Hey Nishu!!!..WELCOME
N- Hello brothers!..All ok?
M-ee ok ullana nishu?(Are you ok nishu?)
N-yaan ok apuve..balaa Chinmay..suru malpuga..yenchanda Manuna company ippuji! (I’ll become ok..Come Chinmay, lets get started. Anyways, Manu wont give us company!!)
C-Chalo, time for party!!
N-surukk onji ajpa yaavata nik?..(For a start,60 is enough for you right?)
C-yaavya..kullu..bokka ninna kathe suru malpu..yank ilge bega povodu..(Enough for me.Sit now and .start your story fast as I’ve to go home fast)
(Cries of “cheers” in the background)..
Suddenly Nishu starts this song….

Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai

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C-Daade andya?/pura senti aatana ee?? (What happened?..You are already senti?)
N-andhya..aal yaana buddpotal..yelonji namma anniversary…aike aalna mast miss maltondullle..(Yes she left me and went. And day after is our anniversary. That’s why iam missing her very much)
C-karana enchinage?..(What are the reasons?)
N-avae gotijji..aike yank mast bejaar apundu..aalg maltha mokae yaan ammer-appergla maltijji…(That’s what I don’t know. And that’s what makes me sad. I loved her more than my father-mother)
C-hmmm..maande becch malpodchya..adrushta itanda aal pira barpaal..(hmmm..dont take to much tension. If you are lucky,she’ll come back to you)
N-undu divorceya..breakup aath..(this is a divorce..not a breakup)
C-gotundu.anchane pande.(I know..said just like that)
(After hearing his woes out over 2/3 pegs)
N-hmmm..tuka..atleast ee maltanaa aata..aike yank kushi aand..(hmmm..lets see…atleast you met up naa..thats why iam happy)
C-formality dayaagya..onji malpuve..nik onji poem korpe..aalg forward malth tula!!..aalgla ninna benae arthavodataa!(Why all that formality?..I’ll do one thing..i’ll give you one poem..forward it to her so that she understands your pain!)
N-ee uddar apujiya..koru..tuka..(You wont improve..anyways,give..i’ll see)
C-(to M)..anna, 5 mins comp bodu..(brother, need the comp for 5 minutes)
(After 5 minutes..)
C-nishu, desktop mith yaan poem save malthe..bokka check malpu..yaan ithe poope..(Nishu, I’ve saved the poem on the poem on the desktop. Check it later as I am going now)
M-yaanla oduve! (I’ll also read it!)
C-odule!.ithe yaan barpe..cya..(Read it!..now I am going..cya..)

(Over to the poem now!!)


  1. Interesting post.... :)

    Dude i have missed a lot of yr earlier posts....
    So i dont understand why do u use yr native language....

    Its a difficult for the eyes to follow....
    I think english alone with be gr8.. :)

  2. @The Vitruvian Boy, i use d lang depending on whom its related 2..rather have a lot of multi-linugal frenz!!..anwyas,its translated n worry not!!


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