June 23, 2009

I miss you

Once again, Im on that familiar path that leads home. Nothing really has changed. What can in such a short time? Nothing, well nothing except me, I guess. There is this peace of mind that comes with being closer to home. Yet, there is something missing.

Those hugs are missing. That crooked smile is smiling. Those sidey snides are missing. The stare that followed me throughout the room is missing. The deep gaze is missing. The loving touch is missing. The care, the love, everything feels amiss. The tears too are missing for the person wiping them is missing.

With each step, I feel nothing. Nothing like I used to. Blank seems to describe what I feel the best. Somehow, I feel like I move on but my soul got left behind....


  1. awww that was just so cute, sweet, amazing and nostalgic.....pricked some old memories of mine !sighs !

  2. Nice write...
    better to have loved n lost than to have never loved at all... Missing someone is better than just feeling numb... :-)

  3. good one.... :)

    Move on... and move on fast.....

    This earth is a sphere....
    So u would always get to catch up with yr lost soul..... :)

  4. Wat happened??? was it juss a fiction?? if yes, it was nicely written.....if not, hope you become fine soon..!!!


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